Hi! On this page, ask about anything! I mean anything like.. How to put music on your xat chat! Or how to do a video or anything! Please Ask!



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  1. …PLZZZZZZZZ Do u have it yet? *does puppy eyes*

  2. Sorry but, My mom, doesn’t have money, i youst to have money but my sister stole it.. She got fired from her job, so shes stealing everything from me to sell for ciggerettes..

  3. OMG

  4. We just kicked her out of the house too..

  5. that bitch! we should put her on the black market and cut off here right booob!

  6. eeeeeeeeerr thats a weird thing to say yoyo is it 😐

  7. lol ya i was bored so i said that

  8. Why are you so racist?
    Please reply.

  9. RACIST???? Do u even kno wat that means? Ur obviously not using it right everytime u say it, for example, if u call someone racist because they called u stupid, how does that relate to being racist???

  10. hi can i be a author for a couple months or weeks days?

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