Lol.. Stupid little girls.

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What the heck! Stop messaging spq you retard. im blocking u and telling my friends to block u. stop messaging spq. my friend can hack and he could probably delete ur youtube account and penguin and stuff. so stop messaging spq, or else. jeez u retard whats wrong with u and stop telling spq to keep his mouth shut. u shut ur mouth!

uhhh i cant even tell you the crap ive been through!!!!
1. my cat passed away
2. someone is stalking me (Not you)
4. idk wat to do

thatsss why

Re: Re: WTF!

Re: Re: WTF!
really? Well so are mine my mom has a boyfriend.
Look i feel bad for you, Im moving to california and i really dont wanna!!! i love where i live right now but my mom and her boyfriend ( well my stepdad) already found a house.

Heres what i said:I dont give a fuck, That doesnt mean picking up fights, AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!! There are so many gangs in california that your gonnna get your ass kicked, Only if you talk trash and keep acting like a pussy!

Heres what she said:actually I MIGHT be moving to calafornia…
sorry i made a mistake lol

Heres what i said:Good, Im not suprised if you might get your ass kicked by people in the state your moving




Heres what she said:Look, im not in the mood.
And r u really 10? cuz spq96 told me that u were 10 ( WHY THE FUCK DID SHE EVEN PICK A FIGHT WITH ME THEN!!)

Heres what i said:O wow, Is your little mommy reading this, and stop lieing your only in 4th grade (You told me and zinsery told me) when you should be in 3rd grade cause in new york you go a extra grade up! You said your older then me and im 11!

Heres what she said:wowwwww, nice language.

Heres what i said:I dont know her, And spq is not stalking anyone jeez!!! Just quit or something, everyone would be better off with out you!

Heres what she said:Uhhhh im not in 4th grade!! Im in 5th u idiot!!
And uhhh u probaly got held back haha.
I never ever got held back…
and uhhh my DAD is actually reading this.
hes gonna reply back.( Aww hooooooow cute she cant defend herself, lol)

Heres what i said:Yea you have to be a pussy, You are such a baby, Hooow pathetic

Heres what she said:kool…
im not mad at you im just saying that my friend is scared of stalkers and i tottaly beleive you ur not a stalker and either is spq…
And just to tell you,
My friend is scared to sleep in the dark so she keeps her light on all night shes such a little baby lol and she thinks bloody mary is real( Lol she thinks shes so cool and tough)

Heres what i said:Thats not what i hear, you picked a fight with spq and me, You called spq a stalker, AND HWO THE HELL IS ASHLEY I DONT KNOW HER AND HOW COULD I STALK HER WHEN I DONT KNOW HER AIM!

Heres what she said:no im not u dumb brat. anyways i gotta go to sunday school (wat a bor)
well ttyl

Heres what i said:Yea go cry to your 80 year old teacher, God i feel bad for her!( Sunday school!? I thouhght you said you were catholic,)

HERES WHAT SHE SAID:huh? ur a jerk and ummm bad news for u
theres a cop behind me and he would like to speak with you.
so ur next messgae will be with him not me(LOL!!!!!)

Heres what i said: Go ahead fat ass

What a b*********** Sorry kids lol i was in a bad mood that why i have beeeeen cusssssing!!!!!!! ANYWAY IM ALMOST DONE WITH MY NEW CPMV!!



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Hey, umm.. I guess i won’t be posting as much as i youst to. I’m gonna be playing volleyball alot at the beach,surfing,basketball and btw, im on a new traveling team fo basketball, its called the dons. Also, I really need someone to do my css.

Don’t Pay Attenion to that last post!

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Ok, right now im on my friends chat, Hes really cool, you should come talk to him! Also, hes a little upset now.. He mad at chewy,simmer, and other people. Ok, i have church at 5:30 today so i wont be on here for a while. Anyway! IT WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! I love winter, its icy cool and awesome!!! Ok later,

Just youtube.

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Um.. Hi, i’m sure you all know my true friends in blogging, Cheatgnome(I dont know if we are still friends now since those 3 fights we had) and tooly, well tooly doesnt really care about me anymore, in the begining of blogging me,tooly,cheatgnome, and some other people youst to hang out on chats, we were always on toolys chat!! and i youst to be an owner on the chat, and he took me off, no one reginigzed me, not even tooly, pieman, indy ( i worked on his site) and blowsight.. No one remembers me. Well, im also quitting this site, first of all, im bored of blogging!! Also all the cp legends, Mike92,cpcabluey(Is he bullet wolf? if he is then i hope he gets what he deserves for hacking my site!) wwe adam, and cheatgnome (Soon) quit! I have no more intrest in blogging about my life anymore, if will be about youtube. I will be putting my videos on here,, I quit crazy pals, my youtube name is now ” Ryan15svideos ” And i will be deleteling most of the pages.. Cya.. and ill be on Just a reminder, i am not really quitting this site im just changing it about my youtube. i will be posting videos.. k cya!! ( I miss wweadam 😦 )

Permission from ryannnnn first!

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Can i make a club penguin page ryannnnn btw i dunno y im showing this to public.

Mkman4556:you can edit posts and answer 😉

Mkman4556’s evil twin:ha so we meet again brother!

Ryan: No sorry, i dont really want cp on this site soo yea.. Ok sorry that i couldnt get you the anwser earlier, my internet wasn’t working!

Hello. ^-^

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Okay, well today, i was playing volleyball with some girl 8th graders.. I know what your thinking… “Why are you playing volleyball”! The anwser is the girls wanted to play it soo yea! Okay! It was so funny today.. Ths kid named Nick in my class is really stupid, like everything you say he sayd, “Your face!!!” Yea gay huh? Okay i pegged him with the basketball and he started chasing after me, i ran too. (I’m not a coward it was part of my trick!) Okay then he says, “Yea!!! Thats right you better fat! B****!” Okay then i stop and put my leg out and he runs over it and trips!!!! LOL! It was so funny, that i freaking peed my pants!!! Okay and the funniest part was the he has a huge scar now, lol! Okay Im calling Nick now to brag about what i did to him! Later!

New Author

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hey guys im a new author on this site i can always help around when ppl need it well bye!

Woah! I’m Tired

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Hey! Umm.. Yea so you probaly knew that i quit my club team (Basketball) in August, Well until today i havent been practicing.. And i tried out for another club team and well.. I was pretty good but i was too tired, so for now on, im gonna have to go for like 4 mile runs


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Sorry Charlie, But i quit crazypals, the reasons are:

A: You have football

B: Yuo always cant do the videos, cause i cant come over or you just cant play

Sorry, But, im starting my own productions now.


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I’m so sorry guys, charlie forgot to bring his video camera!! So we couldnt do the video, but ill show you some pictures of it, I took some on my phone,friends camera and uhh yea! Anyway, the last 30 min at the party, we went on the ferrice wheel. Me, Omado, and christain were going on,  but our friend fernando and jacob went on us before and they spit on us!!!! Ok then i through a tennis ball at them and omado spit in there mouth on the ride!!!!! LOL!! Uhh and nasty.. It was really fun. Ok, since we didnt record, Im trying to get christain and charlie for a video, I have a great idea and it invovles Halloween stuff. And no, im not gonna cuss in it or be racist and make fun of people, no i wont do that! Its gonna be great!!!  CYA!

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