How to make ScreenShots!

Ok, Have you ever wanted to take a pic from the internet! Have you been having trouble with it? Well heres your chance to find out how? This is a simple triual too! So yea! Ok here we go..

First Step: Download snagit 9! heres the link to download it,

Second Step: After your done downloading it, go to your programs and Open up snagit 9!

Third Step:  When your in Snait, Click Region, Then click capture and start your region around your pic! [Let go when your done!]

Fourth Step: You should be at the snagit editor now! After you’re done editing your screen shot click save!

Fith Step: Go on your wordpress, [Make sure to be logged in] then write a post! Click click “Add An Image” And upload the screenshot, Then click insert into post then publish then your all done!

If you have more questions, Please ask!





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  1. If you have trouble or any quiestions! You’re Welcome to Ask!

  2. Cool page!
    It will surely help people!

    I love ur site!

    Visit mines

    ~Rocktroper a.k.a Jawaid~ 😆

  3. hey guys i have something that we nee to add to the site…

  4. 😆

  5. omg u dont need a program to take a screenshot… theres a key next to F12 (in the keyboard) just press that key and go to Paint and copy and paste, duh…

  6. Ugh, That way sucks balls.

  7. Dude that way is better

  8. I thought you were wasting your time commenting here. If you think my blog is gay, then go. Do you really need this much attention. Plus you told me that snagit was better.

  9. This is just a page where they take pics EASIER. Jeeze man

  10. First up, Using that thing is easier. And it goes to snagit, i like snagit more.

  11. 😦 i cant take pics anymore sence my snagit expired

  12. This will help alot of people.

  13. Sorry man, [next to] F12 is easier. You can crop it anyway, plus with F12 you can take quick photos, e.g the ninjas moving in CP.

  14. my trial ran out

  15. hello i lovev your websit i actually now can take pictures with snag it

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