Header Shop

Hey, Im gonna be makin headers for you guys, if you order.! I make great headers!!! Ok heres what you need to tell me!

What kind of effects! For example: Sparkels, Dark, Rain, Lightning, etc..

What background: (You can get me a link to the background that you want or just tell me what kind)

Your wordpress Theme:For example: The theme pool

What Text Color: For example Blue

What it should say on it:

Shadows or other effects:
Heres some examples of Effects and all that good stuff:

Backgrounds (Examples): http://www.bestmyspacegraphics.com/Backgrounds-Myspace/backgrounds-myspace9.gif
(Recemanded one of the top header backgrounds!)

Heres a example header:

Palkias Header:



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  1. Idk if this is possible but I want mohd222’s header

  2. hmm

  3. I’m not sure if you’re saying you maid the mohd222’s header. Or if you can just get people it.

  4. But chewy will probley find that you’re giving this to people, then he’ll report you.

  5. She asked for it.

  6. But since your still nagging on me i will.

  7. oh ok. My bad. I thought (nvm).

  8. ok i just want a header almost like urs…….
    except a little diffrent……. and i want it to say “Imagine My World” on it in really cool printing…. with no penguins on it i want cool symbols on it like urs! and make sure it fits the freshly theme thing…… and please get it finished ASAP!

  9. Ok I just want a header with Elmo’s around the writing. and can the text be red and say: ELMO’S WORLD! and can the background be a picture of elmo?

    lol sounds like a lot! well it is. plz get it doene ASAP!

  10. Wait whats a elmo and whats your site name?

  11. Who commented with that? That was my old penguins name.

  12. Hm.. Who knows?

  13. search Elmo on Google then you will see what I mean! And this is Myheads other account. We share everything! BTW Im his best friend! and NO he \didnt share Satonato with me!

  14. Well anyways. I’m busy this month with stuff. So I’m going to just post updates on club penguin. So I guess I’ll see you in one moth.

    Good luck with you’re site.

  15. u dont make great headers, u just use a site that make heaers for you, so that means u dont make the headers, at least other people make headers with PhotoShop and Paint.NET and u think u make great headres, dude make ur own headers. and u stole mohd222’s header.

  16. Yea thats because someone asked for it sherlock! And i do make these headers gay lord. If your gonna ruin someone elses site then go. And i remember you, You talked crap on cheatgnomes site

  17. stop using cheatgnome u idiot, ur using cheatgnome to be famous, stop using people, and leave cheatgnome alone, stop using him.

  18. hm 7th background i want it to say Club Penguin,Glitches,cheats,hints,secrets,events,updates,parties wild sewerage font the skull crossbone thingytext color is dark red

  19. Oh on every corner have a penguin with beta hat ninja mask ninja belt and a pair of black shoes

  20. I reported you to Mohd222 and Chewy pup for stealing their header.

  21. Dude i dont care anyways your freaking blind that i gave them credit! AND Capuzzi wanted it!

  22. SHUT UP, When I came on I saw no credits.
    shut it. 😐

  23. Well dude look before you say, i promise that there was so you shut it!

  24. How about I get chewy cause he saw before you deleted the pic (Proof and took out the words)

  25. Yea i took it out cause in the being i thought he didnt mind even tho i did still give him credit BUT since you told me that he doesnt like it i deleted it!

  26. Hey please tell me what you use to make headers!

  27. I use photobucket

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