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October 12, 2008 at 4:38 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Um.. Hi, i’m sure you all know my true friends in blogging, Cheatgnome(I dont know if we are still friends now since those 3 fights we had) and tooly, well tooly doesnt really care about me anymore, in the begining of blogging me,tooly,cheatgnome, and some other people youst to hang out on chats, we were always on toolys chat!! and i youst to be an owner on the chat, and he took me off, no one reginigzed me, not even tooly, pieman, indy ( i worked on his site) and blowsight.. No one remembers me. Well, im also quitting this site, first of all, im bored of blogging!! Also all the cp legends, Mike92,cpcabluey(Is he bullet wolf? if he is then i hope he gets what he deserves for hacking my site!) wwe adam, and cheatgnome (Soon) quit! I have no more intrest in blogging about my life anymore, if will be about youtube. I will be putting my videos on here,, I quit crazy pals, my youtube name is now ” Ryan15svideos ” And i will be deleteling most of the pages.. Cya.. and ill be on xat.com/crazykidz Just a reminder, i am not really quitting this site im just changing it about my youtube. i will be posting videos.. k cya!! ( I miss wweadam 😦 )



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  1. :-O


  2. Im on right now.. I miss wwe adam 😦 !!

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