This guy on crack or what?!

September 30, 2008 at 5:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Ok im sure you all know cpmeto and crazy chip… Well both of them come to my school and crazy chip is one of my best friends! Ok me and crazy chip (Charlie) Were talking and the teacher comes and tells charlie to take out some paper and explain what he has to do for math (He was absent for a whole week) And then me and alec were talking then i went to my friend christain and started talking and he said, ” Eww, Look at the porno star Alec.” Ok then i looked back and Alec was looking at my teachers ASS!! I say to alec ” You Gay pervert!!!” Ugh then the teacher heard me but she didnt really know what i said so i didnt get in trouble!! Ok well i knwo that Alec likes my teaccher now… ( I READ HIS DIARY LOL!”) Ok while i read his dumb diary i saw that he gossiped about me,micheal,charlie,christain and kolby! He called micheal a fat cheezit (Micheal is kind of anoying but i still have feelings for him, and no not that kind of gay feeling.) He called me FRECIAL JUICE!! WHEN HE HAS MORE FREKCALS THEN ME! He called charlie a gay stupid little kid and he called christain fat (Christain if your reading this, You are not fat.. Ok maybe you were on the heavy side last year BUT THIS YEAR OMG YOU ARE LIKE SKINNIER THEN ME!) Then he called kolby a stupid chatter box.. Now everyone is hating alec lol!



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  1. lol……..

  2. i

  3. hi

  4. ur cool

  5. and fun

  6. i hope i get lots of comments

  7. yay i got most comments already

  8. lol

  9. i like your blog its kool

  10. but every cp blog has funny pictures

  11. ok?

  12. Whats your website mk?

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