Sad Moments…

September 30, 2008 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Sad Moments bring everyone down; Either if your dog dies, or a family member dies, or one of your friends turn against you.. Theres alot of sad emoticons.. If you are sad, wher edo you go? I usually just go outside to a abanded place and listn to music… Sometimes when my sister does horrible things i look at her pictures.. When she was like 10 years old.. She was very nice to me, at that time.. Then she started to hang out with the wrong people and thats how she became a runaway.. Ok all of you know the word “Runaway” Is a cool nickname right? Ok anyways what im mainly saying here is, Everyone has sad moments.. Everyone is gonna have them trust me.. The saddest moments is when the end of teh world comes. Look at it.. If you have read Revelation in the bible, Think about what the devil would do when he has all the power in teh world for 3 DAYS! Ok maybe you think he will just kill you?! Ooooooooooh nooooooooo. He pursicates you until you die.. and its 10 times worst if you go to hell..! Anyway, You’d think God would do something about this but he aint… Its his test.. You see the devil ask you to kee your faith or not.. Then if you say yes i will keep my faith then God truley knows that the person loves God..! And you know what makes me so mad…. STUPID TEENAGERS!?! they think there so tough..! Thats why they act and smoke pot….. My sister thinks shes tough but she eats shit when we get in fights. (Sorry that i cussed) Ok this is a long enough post, well cya, And i know my know have been like piles of crap latley so ill make them better soon! Cya


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