Supposed Hacked!?

September 29, 2008 at 2:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Woah, Supposed was hacked, his site got hacked.. Jc4x4 the scammer (He scammed me) Hacked supposed and gave the site to redrod and supposed somehow got it back.. And wwe adam was blamed of hacking supposed.. (Jc hacked cabluey too!)Anyway I came you tell you about scammers and hackers.. first of all not all hackers are mean, there actually are pretty nice.. But you got to think? Do you have a great blog, and alot of fans.. Beaware! Also about scammers, There just soo stupid that i hate them.. Just dont join anything involving trading,Contest,and tv cummersials! Ok you know about that “Trix are for kids yogurt!” and they say if you open the lid and it says you win 20,000 dollars.. Thats a scam they dont give it out.. Look at it, think.. How are they gonna get the money to you?? Anyway today was bouegas.. My freakin neighboor is gay.. Ok i was running 4 miles and her son and her pointed and me and she said to her son ” Dont have your shorts below your ass, you have to have them over your ass.” And i give her the fingure and say you fat bitch… But shes too gay and lazy to chase after me and her son is actually gay!



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  1. Ok…..

  2. Dude that’s not true!

  3. Well I’m not sure, the hacking supposed thing may be true. But hacking cabluey’s not true. Cabluey quit because he was really busy.

    Anyways, sorry if the first comment sounded like I was jumping to conclusion.

  4. Chewy said jc hacked tornoto.. and i know wwe adam didnt do it.

  5. Well… chewy hates jc4x4 like way more then you do! He’ll do anything, And I mean anything! to get jc4x4
    to loose his site, and his fans.

  6. Yea i think i do xD! But why doesnt chewy hack him then and why does chewy hate jc… For the first time i actually agree with chewy.. (On jc, Hoe gay he is!)

  7. Chewy don’t hack him because he knows that jc will get his site back, then post about it. and he works with cabluey and he can post it on there. So he’ll loose fans like that.

  8. oh

  9. Hello Ballup! I prefer to call you that, because I am Metal Fury! I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I started a new blog. Now, to the point! Jc4x4 is not the hacker! It is impossible! Even it is possible, why would he have hacked Yahoo! and point to his blog. Jc4x4 is not the hacker!

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