Hey guys.. Im sorry. I quit

September 27, 2008 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

Hey umm, Im sorry for making fun of people, cheatgnome and noil man were right i shouldnt do that.. But on the other hand, you guys keep nagging on me on the screen shots page.. I learned my lesson not to make fun of people and Im quitting for this reason.. Cheatgnome and noil man want me to quit so im quitting blogging. 😦 Im sorry if this dissapoints some people. I’m also quitting for realousius reasons.. My friend told me about “End of the World” Ok, he told me that God is giving you guys a test.. A faith test.. Ok this is what it says in the bible.. It says ” The Devil rules the world for 3 days.. he ask the people if you keep your faith in God or let go.. If people said “No i wont give up my faith, You would be percucuted (Tourcherid).. If you said i let go.. You step a side and watch all the people in pain.. and after the world end is done, you go to hell, and get percactuated.. Ok, Think of your worst fear.. A giant spider eating you a live or something.. or being chopped into pieces.. Thats what happened to the people who kept there faith.. They burn their tounge, and alot more.. they jab your eyes.. Very scary.. Theres way more… I dont wanna go to hell so im gonna be as holy as possible.. And some people dont know what hell is like… You think of your worst fear.. say.. Rapers eat you alive, That would hurt you over and over and over and over for the rest of time.. (Unless your truley sorry and God might let you in heaven.. i dont think thats trueb tho but i heard) Ok see how scary that is, I dont want that to happening to me so im saying sorry to the people i made fun of… And im quitting so i dont get in fights with people…… I will still be on my wordpress account and check up on my friends and comment on their site! And i will be on youtube!!! My youtube is http://youtube.com/crazypalsvideos/ and http://youtube.com/ryan15svideos Also my aim is marine da king Well keep rocking i hope i still be in touch with you guys.. cya!



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  1. When the heck did I tell you to quit?!?!?

    I want you to stay. I was pissed off that you started telling noil-man that stuff.

  2. You act liked it and noil man said that everything would be better off with out me and he told me to quit

  3. But he’s noil man. He wanted me to quit before also. I never told you to quit.

  4. I did this too so i wouldn’t make fun of people..

  5. Oh. The posts looks like you quit because of me and noil, not as much as making fun of people.

  6. oh

  7. Well you do hate me so why do care if i quit?

  8. Well I’ve only got one thing to say:

    Use your life as much as you can, because when you die, your dead for a long time.

    I searched that.

  9. Uhh.. Lol, In heaven you can do alot of things, fly, run as fast as possible, you can play football with God xD that would be cool, lol.. But it might not be like that.. All i heard from munks is that you are so happy in heaven..

  10. Dude i never said that i wnted u to quit, dang, i only said that u should not make fun of people, i only said that, i dont want u to quit i never said that, but if u want to quit, go ahead.

  11. I remember you said that you wanted me to quit.

  12. i never said that, stop saying that, that is a lie. if u want to quit do watever u want, but remember i didnt say that.

  13. Ryan, can we talk about your quitting on your chat? it’s hard for me to type here. Because I have to wait for you to approve the comments.

  14. Ugh, Im just gonna end it, I put your comment in spam when you said “You should quit” and now i tried to find it and its now gone

  15. K im there

  16. i just want to tell u that i dont hate u, and i dont want u to quit, i never said that, i was pissed off that u were making fun of a lot of people, just for your info.

  17. I understand, i think that ur welcome to pick any path u want, and i respect ur choice

  18. Well, I’m thinking of quitting my wordpress, The most hits I ever got In one day was 350ish 😦 .

  19. ltr ryan! ill miss ur site!

  20. I’ll Miss you too soon bluerule.. I have aim and i ill be on my chat


  22. WAT HAPPENED TO BALLUUP????????????

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