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Yea thats one of my favorite artists.. and my other is linkin park.. I really like depressing songs.. It reminds me of me. Yea and akon has a new song! Its called Wake up! Its my favorite and im putting it as my ringtone.



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  1. i have a quesiton, are you an emo? just asking, lol.

  2. Hey ryan. I’ve got you’re comment. I’ll comment back and try to help.

  3. Yea i guess you can say im emo i dont care of what you think and i dont use cheatgnome.. We aent really friends anymore.. Btw why would i use him for fame, thats pretty gay.. I dont think im stupid enough to use a hacker..

  4. Dude what the fuck ryan!

  5. Wow dude, don’t be getting all freaking gay on me.

  6. And noil, I think he is emo, lol!

  7. Well… I don’t think he’s emo, I KNOW HE’S EMO! lol

  8. And ryan, since were not friends, don’t bug me with you’re issues/ problems.

  9. Uhh Ok?

  10. Wel sorry that i said you were a hacke rbut i dont use you and ever since we had that fight i thought we werent friends.. and go ahead, call me emo.. Your making fun of me when your telling me not to make fun of people

  11. What’s you’re point? You make fun of people on you’re picture page. And I’m calling you emo, because you said stuff about me.

  12. This site’s mainly about making fun of others.

  13. It’s supposed to be about you’re life. Like all your posts say things about fat people.

  14. Ok

  15. Haha what, Emo is an insult? Let me show your oblivious mind what “Emo” is.
    It was a bunch of people in the 80’s who experimented with music, so it’s a music genre. But you think emo is being sad, depressed, and cutting yourself.
    You are wrong. That’s a stereotype. Ugh I wish people knew what emo really was.But there is an “emo” dress style.
    Anyways, sorry about all that Ryan. It sucks doesn’t it? I’ve had a lot of family trouble lately, but you will get thru it no matter how hard it gets.

    I don’t really like Akon, but I love LP. How long have you been listenin to them? Me, 2 years.
    Oh and btw ‘cheatgnome’, flame me all you want, I get a good laugh at it.

  16. Oh thats what emo means.. I dont dress like a emo, I have a depressed and sad mind..

  17. matt. I’m not going to waste my time with you. It’s between me and ryan.

  18. Like you arent wasting your time now..

  19. Wow matt. You’re so smart! I wonder if you’re smart enough to know that no one cares.

  20. ryan, you’re the one who said crap about me to noil man.

  21. Hmm, i care.. Atleast hes smarter then you.. Hes actually the smartest person i know

  22. dude everyone’s smarter then you ryan. P.s Cya

  23. Im the one who cussed and stood up for you when bullet wolf hacked you then he hacked me AND when noil reported you

  24. Like anyone cares cheatgnome, dawn you dont get it!!! I dont care if im smart or not, But you think your such hot shit!!

  25. I bet youd fucking cry every second if you were going through what im going through… But you have the easiest life anyone can imagine.. I mean come on!!! LOOK AT YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR VIDEO GAMES!!!!! 2 ROOMS FILL UP YOUR FREAKIN VIDEO GAMES AND IF YOU HAVE EVERYTHING AND YOU HAVE POINT OF SPENDING ON ANYTHING, THEN GIVE IT TOO THE POOR, OR ARE YOU JUST TOO LAZY AND SELFISH.. ( 80,000 kids dieing right now cause of starvation)

  26. Hey. Good idea, I’ll donate some.

  27. Dude why do you think I’m selfish? I gave you membership for club penguin, I offered you tons of other stuff.

  28. okay. I’m board, So I’ll go out-side.

  29. You just did that cause you had extra money. And i told you not too.

  30. Then i said you had everything so i dont need the money and you sasid i can always get money from my parents,

  31. I mean YOU SAID

  32. Hmm, I listened to Akon’s song that you talked about, and I liked it.
    I’ll have to listen to some more of his songs, see what I like.

  33. Lol, Thats the only song i like form him, besides him singing “Body on me”

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