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Yea, Weird title, I think so too, But anyway I wanted to say that  i am now making a new page. It will be called “Fan Art” I will Be selling stuff on it, ill be making pictures and downloading it to my computer and upload it and mostly on the page you can do anything.. You can show me anything (stupid,funny,dumb,awesome,cool etc..) that you want on the fan art page, and i will put it on! Plus I really need help with my css!! Please, someone do it for me!! And what do we need to add to this blog to make it juicier?? (Lol, juicier) Comment below and tell me your oppions. Also if you have forgotten, The crazypalz have a chat, follow this link to go to it: http://xat.com/crazykidz Also i made a youtube channel for it http://youtube/user/crazypalsvideos and also we made a new website (No, Im still gonna update on this site) http://crazypals.wordpress.com

Also if you havent noticed i made a new page “Header shop” Order if you need a header. Okkay I had alot of homework, Math, English,Spelling, and science. We had to do 6 problems in science, 28 problems in math (Well i did), 1-54 problems in english (Review test, i have a test in 2 days, Thursday!) and in spelling i had to do 2 pages! Well the math and english was the hardest, So i guessed on practicually everyone. When we learned the lesson in math, we had to learn about dusturbitives.. (Hard for me) And the teacher is says ” Ryan What pops in your head when you hear disturbitives.” And i say “That song by Rihanna.” And everyone laughed.. Then she teached the lesson, then i got the song stuck in my friggen head!!!!!!! Yea so, i didnt know what to do in math… Also i was day dreaming in math how my life is gonna be so good.. (When i get a hot gf! xD!!) Oh that reminds me of what happened yesterday.. Ok my friend Josh in high school gave me this hot girls phonenumber and i called it and she thought i was cute and funny and then she told me that my voice was squeky… And i say…. Yaaaaaaaa Only in 5th grade, havent reached puberty yet.. And she said Okkayy, i know alot of kids who have gotten through puberty at your age.. and im all like, Yeaaaaa.. The probaly have ugly fat ass faces with pubes on them.. And she got mad and hung up with me and she called me boring, then i called her boring and she said, Oh you should see me in bed, and i say SURE!!! Wait i mean I said You do it with your mom?? and she said yep all night.. Kinda gay… Lol! Anyway thats all i have to say now cya!


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