Is it still summer?

September 22, 2008 at 5:30 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

It doesnt feel like summer to me cause when i was way younger I had alot of fun in the summers.. Now i don’t really.. I haven’t a good summer for the past 6 summers.. Alot has changed.. Its like im not even born.. Alot of people i know have a good life.. Anyways.. I had my mom drop me off at the beach to go surfing.. And i surfed pretty good.. I tried out my new fiverglass board! I got some pretty good waves and a good time until the end.. A surf camp came.. Im all like Dawnit!!!!! The surf camp people always get in my way when i surf.. Cause im always in the deep end.. to get good waves and the surf camp is in front of me so i had to turn and tube the wave.. Also my brother is training for paintballing.. He can become pro painballer in a couple of years.. Hes pretty good.

Okay and today im just bored, I have school tomorrow. And im sick of sceince,Cause we are having chaptes on the human body.. And my gay friend (Alec) says, ” I love science cause we talk about gay stuff in the human body like waste products.” Thats how gay he is.. And yesterday was super gay!! I was with my mom and we saw my sister with her white gay ass gang and she says, “You fucking Bitch!! Go away before i kill you!” And pesonally she is not tough.. She acts like it.. Im not afraid of her and her gang anymore ( Im afriad of the black and mexican ones but theres only 2 and the mexican is in juvy for robbing a house) I have experinced that she talks trash, she needs wants attenion so bad that she does this.. I can tell cause shes always said shes gonna kick my ass and kill me and she hasnt done it.. What im trying to say is.. My sister is just talking.. She does all that crap for attenion.. She is screwing up her life.. and she is dieing.. she will probaly die in like 3 years cause.. Theres a virus in her body now that spreading cause of her drugs and marawona.. and eventually she will die or get her legs for arms cut off.

Ok now the big news is im play basketball again! xD Ill be trying out for the traveling team again and ill be booted to like the best club team in our area.. Ok i gtg cya



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  1. summer ended today at 1:23 AM its Fall now!

  2. Oh..

  3. I dont like FALL! (ok maybe a little)

  4. I love Winter.. That’s when it gets all dark and creepy, especically on Halloween!

  5. I had science today again!! We are learing about blood, we watch this video and there is all this blood, it made me sick! (well alomost)
    We r learing about the heart and about insides of the body!! It is autumn in england (or the fall if u r american, autumn is the english word [I’m from england]) I like spring or autumn, english summer aren’t good (to hot or freezing cold)

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