Reading Test…

September 19, 2008 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Umm.. Hmm, uhh today i had a reading test on 4 storys… (Dumb, Gay ones..) There were called Uhh.. Cricket and the election or something gay like that and something about “Old inventions” and i had the gayest story that was “I’m tipingee,shes tipingee, were tipinge to.. Don’t ask me about it, Its gay, You get the picture thats it.. And the other one wa About black people who are slaved.. We had 24 vocab words that we had to study and i didn’t study (As usuall) and i think i got a low grade.. xD.. The teacher might give me credit for being stupid! Anyway i got a speling tomorrow.. And i had alot of homework today.. and i was ticked off cause my head was hurting and i was watching tv while doing homework so i guessed alot..(Hey atleast i did my homework..) Plus, today, we had science =( We learnded about intestinse (Disgusting!!!!!!) And all that crap..



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  1. Reading test, I got lots of them, they are more intresting than maths tests though, I am learning about the heart, out P.E. lesson was science and P.E. mixed together, sigh.
    I have lots of science homework ( making a poster about the ‘heart’ )

  2. Haha! lol

  3. That SUCKS! lol

  4. is the book u read for the test called…… wait whats the name again…… ummmm was it about a 5th grade class election?

  5. I hate reading. Except for the Chronicles of Narnia.

  6. Well I just did my homework! I get maths homework which I have to do in one night! I get like 8hours to do it, and I useally go to my friends house, so I have like 5 mins to deo my homework!!!!! lol

  7. Yea Palkia Thats the one when they get banned from soccer…
    hyper.. lol.. You like that movie? I havent even seen it.. and i didt think it was good..

  8. Nice site!
    Cool post!
    Comment back

  9. omg ryan i read that same book in class……… its like then this mexican kid named Juilo whens the election!

  10. Yea it was a gay story lol

  11. I LOVE reading, its one of my hobbies 🙂 rwading tests are okish
    Ryan- xD, My hobbies are,… Basketball,Paintballing,Airsofting,and swimming! But i dont have a pool, so i cant swim alot, But i can go swimming when i go to my friends cause he always wants to go in his pool!

  12. I love swimming too, I go sometimes, I like gymnastics, art music, ice-skating fashion (yeah I’m a girl ) computer, well I would be here 4eva if I listed all my hobbies.

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