Nvm Im done with cp for good..

September 16, 2008 at 4:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Im not doing videos anymore.. Lol sorry… But ill still be posting real life crap on here… Today i had school.. What do you think happended at school? Guess! Well i got booted to the 8th grade!!! Yea beat that cheatgnome!!! XD Jk.. I wish.. But really happended was that this stupid little kid at my school thinks hes so cool and picking up fights.. Ok then my friend pushed me into him and he punched me and i said to him “I’m Gonna Kick your a**!! Then i chase him and i actually kicked his a**.. And he cried..  :cry Then i got in trouble… So now… I have a honor mark as you should say…………………………………………………………… But anyways ill screw that kid up again.! Lol jk i didnt get a honor mark he just cried..Also today i went in my friends pool, xD! It was boring though :cry Oh well i gtg now cya!



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  1. 😥 ( I’m just doing that for fun! Lol)

  2. lol!

  3. Hey, I reached 5000 hits! Sorry i haven’t been commenting, I have been visiting your site though, I still love this site, although its nor about cp anymore!

  4. lol

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