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Hey people.. Well Alot of you might not like me now cause you’re falling cheatgnome [some]. Well stay out of it. It i’snt your buisness… Also since cheatgnome told me to take his css off, i did. Now I’m gonna try to find someone to do my css.. Also im gonna be leaving this blog.. Im gonna be starting out fresh on a different blog or just do the productions.



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  1. Heyyy. Don’t stop with this site (and I’ll do the CSS for you), cause if so, You’ll lose your css.
    Just like delete all the pages and posts, and then it’ll be like starting new, but still having CSS.

  2. Also, I haven’t told anyone about the fight. So no one’s falling for anything. If someones falling then it’s because you told them about it.

  3. Wow. Look who’s talking “ryan” you’ve had you’re blog for a few months and what do you have to show for it? 19,000 hits, like 50 viewers a day, you cant figure out css, And you Don’t spell right in you’re posts. Well, I’m very impressed with that!

  4. Ok, would you think a freaking 10 year old would do that crap! Dude stop acting like a teacher. I dont care if i spell right and honestly Why would you care

  5. Yes I think a 10 year old would do that stuff, Just look at charlie. He knows css and everything.

  6. No he doensn’t I was talking about my other friend charlie.. And dude, I dont care if im smart. You are a freaking nerd nagging about “Remember to spell crorect!” Dam Freaking pick on someone other then me

  7. Nice lie. As if you’ve got another friends who’s name’s “charlie”. And also, I see you’re out of come backs. So I’ll call it a day.

  8. Ok how would you know that i lie??? want proof??? The kids name is charlie brown that i know from a camp and my best friend charlie is charlie hulse!

  9. And didnt we agree to STOP commenting on each others site! Do you as in “cheatgnome the porno star” Understand those words?

  10. ha ha. That’s funny. I’m not dumb. Seriously, Charlie brown? There used to be a show called “Charlie Brown”. So as if, And he’s still 10, So a ten year old can do css, Why can’t you?

  11. Cause im different.

  12. Also, Commenting will help you with you’re hits, I bet you’ve got like an extra 100 from me commenting.

  13. Ok? Keep talking crap.. Im done with you.. I know what kind of person you are.. You need attention.

  14. HAHA. Nice comeback, As usual. And I’m not the one always saying “hey guess what, My life sucks!”.

  15. Im sorry ryan

  16. Finally you apoligize

  17. What ever. Editing my comments, It’s fine with me. Do what you want. No one’s even going to see them, because you get 2 views a day, There from me, and you.

  18. Well anyways, no one’s going to think I forgave you, Because a. No one views this site.
    and b. As if you’d forgive me like that.

  19. Hey i thought a smart ass like you would know that the owners dont get hits if they visit there own site.. Also you edited my comment that i put on your site and now im gonna block you from my site…… Once i find out!!

  20. And I do know that owners don’t. Thing is, You’re old account “marinekallo” was the real owner. So it does count as hits, RETARD!
    and I don’t think a dumb 10 year old kid will find out how to block, Well charlie could.

  21. Well, I’m going to go. Have fun doing what ever it is that you do. Well I’m not sure if you can do anything.

  22. Cool

  23. Yea i admit it im dumb

  24. And im glad not to be a teachno geek like you.

  25. ha ha. You admit you’re dumb. And why am I a geek. Because I use computers, And I’m good at them? Well I hate to break it to you but everyone uses a computer, and there usually good with it. Not you though, You don’t know how to use one.

    I’m going to watch tv.

    So good-night. Retard.

  26. Lmao, haha i almost freaking cried laughing at little pathetic cheatgnomes comments.
    Newsflash Cheatgnome, Ryan and I don’t give a damn about hits nor pathetic little wastes of space like you.
    I can’t beleive you actually try and act “big and tough” on the internet.
    That is the saddest damn thing I’ve ever seen.
    Oh, and Ryan, you on your chat? I’m bored and my bros at a football game so I’m on.

  27. Oh my god cheatgnome. F-ck off.

    I bet you’re some fatass 40 year old who sits in front of the computer drinking Bud Light all day long. Sort of like in the movie Otis.

    Anyways, it really shows how pathetic you are. If you hate Ryan so much, why do you come back? I think its YOU who’s the retard.

  28. Well. I’m on matt’s blog. You said that if i say crap in real life you’ll get you’re but kicked. As if, No one even talks about that crap in real life (maybe you do). And who’s going to beat me up if I did? The only person who would think of it is either you or, you. And you’re 10, I’m not sure you could do much (if not, then nothing).

  29. I’m done fighting on this, We can still hate each other. But lets just not comment about it. If you and/or me need to chat about this stuff then do it on aim ok?

  30. Dude! I’m sorry!! I’m sorry for starting this fight! I’m sorry!!!!!
    I’m not kidding, I’m sorry dude. I know you don’t forgive me. but I’m just saying I’m sorry! Please just forget the comments that are still in moderation. I’m sorry!!!!!!!!

  31. jeez cheat stop annoying my friend ryan. and ryan dont leave this site i visit it at least 7 times a day and i simply love it. and ur not dumb ryan ur smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and were have u been on chat?

  32. hey cheatgnome the porno star is on.
    and no dur cheatgnome is 40 because he always uses adult words and always perfect grammer and he tried to talk ryan into meet him in real life which i think would have been kinda dumb if ryan went to meet someone in real life.

  33. Dude. Idc, How do i know if you’re not lieing to me, even if you’re not i forgive you but i don’t wanna hang out with you or talk to you

  34. i mean lieing

  35. hey ryan go on chat PC

  36. k?

  37. palkia fuck u. everyone thinks your 40. so that’s a dumb come back. everyone on chat calls you gay, because you are. you posted a picture of you on your site. i think 20 people died because of that.

  38. Dude don’t say that, that is totally mean! He isn’t ugly, And if people thought that he was he is going through puberty.. And i doubt that a 10 year old would be hot [ Ok this is sounding gay ] And i admit it im not all good looking myself.. But when people get older there much good looking there..

  39. I’m sorry I said that palkia. But my point is that, it’s between me and ryan, The fight thingy was between me and ryan. And then you started getting in it.

  40. Here’s what he said ryan.
    “hey cheatgnome the porno star is on.
    and no dur cheatgnome is 40 because he always uses adult words and always perfect grammer and he tried to talk ryan into meet him in real life which i think would have been kinda dumb if ryan went to meet someone in real life.”.

    My point is it’s between me and ryan.

  41. Ok i’ll tell people who are getting involed to stop..

  42. Alright, thanks.

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