Mystery contest!?!

September 8, 2008 at 2:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

Ok today im gonna have a contest! xD! Ok first you have to comment 75 times by using numbers! Only numbers! After you’re done with that there will be prizes like this: prize number 1, prize number 2,prize number 3, ect. You Pick ONE!!! and that prize might be a author for a week or blogroll or codes for movie editor or picture editors and much more!

Prize Number 1:

Prize Number 2:

Prize Number 3:

Prize Number 4:

Prize Number 5:

Ok, pick a prize and i will email you the prize! Hope you have fun, bye!



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  1. Hmm…

  2. Hello. This is wordpress support. We’ve got a report of a stolen “css”.
    We’ve just logged-on you’re wordpress account, We viewed you’re css. The name’s not created by you. So in fact it’s not you’re css. We’ll give you 24 hours to change it, If you don’t then we’ll have to remove you’re account. And we’ll suspend you’re site do to copying other’s word (as listed in the wordpress guide.) If you can’t change it, Then either comment saying you can’t. Or you can add a person who can (But please be aware, Of who you add)
    Have a good day.

    -wordpress support

  3. Ok Cheatgnome, Thanks for teaching me how to “Match ip’s!

  4. Go there i need to tell you something..

  5. man, i’m giving up on this fight. you win. but lets just stop talking to each other. okay? comment with an answer. if yes i’ll leave you alone.

  6. Dude, What fight, You’re we’re the one who continued on the fight and i just ignored you… and i never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever Wanna See you again or talk to you..

  7. hey ryan!
    i saw ur comment srry i havent be on…. its just school started and theres been homework and evberything…. but i will enter this contest tomorrow

  8. ill be trying to talk to u a lot more k ryan? i swear.

  9. ok

  10. prize 3 email btw u read thw wordpress comment?

  11. oh i forgot to commet lol

  12. ok. Ryann, Don’t comment on my site please. I’ll stop commenting on you’re site, Fair?

  13. And what did i do to you………….

  14. hey cheat????? can you but my site on your blog role well the site i in????? its

  15. Nothing, I’m just saying. Let’s not comment on each others blog.

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