Well, im injured.. Not that bad though..

August 30, 2008 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Hey guys! Today i got injured, 😦 What happened was… I was skateboarding.. and i went to a comuitty church.. and there were staris there and i ollied a 4 stair clean and i landed it so i went to the 6th stair and ollied it and landed it clean! then i went to a 7 stair and ollied it and i landed it but i didnt land it clean, so then i landed and my foot slammed into the ground on the side of my foot.. so now its very sor.. Hmm as people say you gotta take some pain.. well i got alot of pain through out my life.. lol,




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  1. I get hurt a lot 2, lol, I always get hurt when i do gymnastics!

  2. You dont wanna hear some of the things of that i gotten hurt.. one time a tv fell on my leg and i needed stiches.. then i slipped on a slide at a pool [ i was at the top of it] and i hit my head pretty hard.. and i fell off my bunk bed, and i hopped over a fence and i scapped my leg and i needed stiches..

  3. one I went to the medicine hat lodge and I was going on the water slide and I was running up and on 20th stair there was a flat thing so you would half to go around a wall thingy to go up and there was a flat surface and it was slippery and I slipped and hit my leg on the railing and hit my head on a stair, That hurt more then Ryans fall on a skatebaord and 1 time I went to a skate park with my scooty because I was bored and I tried going up a jump and the tire thing on my scoother hit the metal bar thing like the grind part and I went flying and landed hard, But I never had to go to school because it hurt so bad, Ha ha it good I missed school that day because my teacher is a bad mood that day and yelled at the kids whenever they had a question, Ha ha oh well hope you feel better marine.

  4. dude i hate spq96. I went on his chat today because I had to tell him somthing And i found his old message saying crap that i go on aim and chat all the time now. DUDe thats a lie!! I’ve only been on aim once and it is to do work!!

  5. Well, you were on his chat though.. but it doesnt matter.. You guys always get in fights.. 😦 Also, thing shavent been going too good..

  6. yea but dude im not speakin to him ever again. and plz dont quit! if you want more views then work for them. you used to get over 100 a day because you worked hard at helping others on club penguin. and dude it’s only been a week, give you’re new site theme a little more time.

  7. Dude, ever since i stopped putting clubpenguin on here, i have been getting like 2 comments a day and they are all from you..

  8. By the way.. Can you help me install the plugins on firefox.. there still not working, if you don’t have time or don’t wanna, then its okay..

  9. Hey, Cool post

  10. ok I’ll help you install them. Just tell me witch plug-ins you want.

  11. All of them i guess… Like video plugins and xat plugins…

  12. Nvm you dont have to do it i already did

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