Squirrels Are Running The Navy & Ouch My Finger!

August 25, 2008 at 7:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Update by Justin: Hey guys, I’m buying us a domain name! It’ll be Crazypals.com . That’s what Ryan said he wants it. In the mean time I got us a different domain name. It’s http://www.crazypals.tk

Please check it out.

Hey guys, It’s cheat gnome. Since This isn’t a club penguin site you guys can call me Justin. Justin is my real name. Well, guys. I just found out that squirrels are running the Navy!

Oh god, I’m scared! lol. Also guys, Be careful when you touch signs. I touched this sign today, I got a cut from it.

I’m warning you, Be Careful.

All the pictures I have will be written with a copyright protected label. If anyone removes it and then takes credit for it, I’ll be informed.



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  1. lol nice post!

  2. Can I work here???
    I have a JOKE website heres the link:
    And I have tons of jokes!
    Comment on my site if i can!

  3. sorry but im not adding any editors at the moment

    can u add me to your blogroll and ill add u to my ultimate links?
    plz comment back


  4. or can you atleast put me on your blogroll

  5. And plakia, You can use the pics. I ment all pictures after this.

  6. ooooooo srry i wasnt trying to be mean of anything! just saying.

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