I got shot!!!

August 25, 2008 at 3:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Hey its Balluup here as i should say its ryan! Ok today My brother, me, my friend named thomas, and a friend named anothy went airsofting today at a forest, well kinda like it, its like a creek! Anyways, i saw a rattlesnake!! im all like HOLY!!! SHIT!!!! then i just ran for my life… We were airsofting after that, Me and thomas were against anthony.. i got Shot like 200 times in the balls!! BY ANOTHY!!! ANTHNY WAS USING A FREAKIN AUTO MATIC BATTERY POWERD AIRSOFT GUN!! WHILE I USE A GAY SPRING GUN! im totatly gonna kick his but some day!! Oh yea guys, im gonna go to san diego soon, ill take pics of me with my shirt off then ill showoff my sexy abs to everyone! lol! Alright thats all for now cya!



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  1. omg i can go to san deiego whenever i want cause my uncle lives there!
    and ryan my bff that moved out from my city a long time ago LIVES IN UR TOWN! i was wondering if u know him his name is “Demarco”

  2. Umm 3 words! Wtf!!!

  3. Sup guys! Its ryan, hey cheat can u add me as a admin

  4. Hey dude, can u add me again.

  5. Oh yea, sorry.

  6. Ryan I think we should change the title, Right now it’s “balluup’s updated cpcheats” We should change it.

  7. yea we should!

  8. go on chat

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