The News Paper Just Got Boring!

August 22, 2008 at 1:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Hey guys. Today there is a new news paper in club penguin. It’s actually kind of boring. I didn’t get any pictures because I thought “balluup” Might want to. There’s also not much you can get for pictures. If you read the title you can find out it’s boring!

Here are some of the events that will take place at the Penguin Games.

* Cross country marathon
* Swim meet
* Track meet

Be sure to comment on which team will you be rooting for in the Penguin Games!

Here are the upcoming events,

August 22Nd:

* The Penguin Games begin.

August 28Th:

* 150th newspaper.

August 29Th:

* New pin hidden
* New furniture catalog

September 5Th:

* New clothing catalog
* New wig catalog

That’s all guys.

*Note to balluup,

Cool new chat!



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  1. balluup, Watex just got closed! lol the story’s really funny.

  2. Watex got closed yesterday, lol u missed it.. and thx for posting!

  3. Oh, lol. I just posted for mohd and chewy.

  4. yay! i love ur website lol and ur videos i e the club penguin news paper too!

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