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The free item is in the coffee shop, it is the red face paint, and it was a rare item!

The the second free item is at the pizza parlor , it is the blue face paint, it was a rare item!

OK here are the steps for the races!!

OK first go to the ski village, that’s where you start off the first race. OK there’s lights there, you should go to them and go around them and wait until it lights up! OK then follow the arrows that leads to the beach!

then go to the beach and light them up!

Then go to the dock and light them up!

Then go to the town and light the lights up!

Then go to the snowforts and light the lights up..

Then go to the plaza and Light the bulbs up…..

Then go to the Forest and light up the Light stands………………….

Then go to the cove and light them! And then you completed the 1rst race!!

Then go to the iceburg for the second race! Ok on this race you have to run around the track and going to the light and lighting it up! You go around the track for 3 laps then you completed it!

Ok for the final race you go to the pool or the cave or however people want to say it as… ok on this race you have to run across the pool until the middle top says you’re a winner! ok then after u complete it,do the follwoing…

clcik that and click claim prize and heres a pic of what you will get!

OK so that’s it! Please comment, i really worked hard on this! So cya!





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  1. nice long post! lol I luv the penguin games, its awesome

  2. Awesome post balluup! It’s got pictures, It’s got tons of detail and it’s really long! Keep up the great work!

  3. Thx!

  4. hey awesome site!!! Me and penguin38006423 are having our 10 000 hits party for our site on august 25th 6.00 p.m canadien estin wool sox at the dock. club penguin standard time is 3p.m. we will be recording most of it to. please come help us celebrate. comment on our site to tell us if u are going so we have an estimation of how many ppl are coming. thnx

  5. hey awesome post balluup
    i was having trouble with the lights but i did it
    awesome post!!!
    Great job!!
    The post you did was worth it for all that time u put into it like i did with my Penguin Games post too!! See ya on cp sometime!!

  6. I had a ton of trouble with the lights. I couldn’t get any right at first.

  7. i only had trouble with the first one at the dock! Lol 😀

  8. ballup u thareeeee

  9. Hey! I am actually Metal Fury. But it’s history, for now. I started a new site. I can see you really did work hard for this post. Keep it up!

  10. balluup, How come you’re not online much? DO you have school or something?

  11. No.. Ive been busy latly.. like watching tv, lol jk.. i was out with my friends for like 5 hours, also my sister has been holding me back by when i wanna go to a store my dad wont take me cause hes too worried about my sister.. he is taking her to the doctor today cause she has a cough from smoking pot and smoking and she has blood all over her foot and my dad thinks its a spider bite… And im scared outta my mind, DUDE MY SISTER IS STONED!!! AND MY DAD DOESNT DO CRAP TO HER!!! if i was my dad i would kjick her out of my house! or just calll the cops on her and she will go to juvy AGAIN!

  12. oh, Sorry. I thought you jused got bored with all you’re fans. lol. jk. I’ve been working with cabluey on something cool.

  13. I need more hitz.. My hitz have been so slow.

  14. There better then they used to be. And dude today every single blogged is getting lower hits. Me, spq, mohd and chewy, etc. This is going to be a bad day for bloggers.

  15. Yah, but i have bad days’ EVERYDAY!

  16. Not really. YOU get like over 100 a day. That’s good. mohd and chewy got only 300 hits there first month- like 5th month. Then they started getting 100,000 hits a month! They get that by posting early. IF you post early I’m sure that in 1 month you’ll get way more hits.

  17. Oh yea And awesome club penguin being sold post! I hope that disney sells it. Sony would make it so much better!

  18. Yea it would..

  19. Actually Sony would probabaly erase CP completely. I really don’t think Sony wants anything to do with a game like Club Penguin. My opinion though.
    Awesome post, I see you put time and effort into them. Haha I get like 50 hits a day, I don’t really care though. As long as I know a few people read it and I put lots of effort into my site I’m perfectly fine. XD
    Haha I love giving long comments.

  20. Xd, Matt you are super funny! You inspired me to do a funny blog to and i quit cp like a few minutes ago, hopefully our comedy on this blog will be just as good as you!

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