Ello pplz of cheese world!!!

August 17, 2008 at 4:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

HEY! HI!!! This is quazar68688 u mite kno me as peanut, MC peanut, super peanut, adminaster peanut, blogger peanut, Sir peanut, ect. NOW AND 4 EVAH! EDITOR PEANUT!!!!!!! Oh and mr mr green ness :mrgreen: NESS!!! YESH AND I WILL MAKE POSTS THAT WILL MAKE U PEE UR PANTS! MWAHAHAHA!!! SO WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!! (oh and click the pie to go to my website)



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  1. Umm.. My only word is lol!

  2. cheat!

  3. yes?

  4. Oh, Balluup I won’t be on aim Till later. Because me and my family are going to California for are last vacation trip. So, I’ll go on aim as soon as I’m there.

  5. Well, I gtg right now, I’ll be on at like 5:00 pm. Also, I see you got 70 hits right now! And it’s only like 9:30! Awesome job! Keep It up!

  6. Thanks! What city are you going to be in!?!

  7. http://www.victorinocp.wordpress.com is having a comment contest and thought you might want to enter!!

  8. i want that pie!!!!

  9. I just got there, we are going to 5 differm’t city’s! each day we will be going to a new one! which city do you live in?


  11. RAWR FEAR MY WraTH!!!!!!

  12. quazar sorry but im doing it, i only want you to write about cp cheats and other stuff like the newspaper tomorrow and u can post pics on my pics page..

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