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August 16, 2008 at 4:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments
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Hey guys, Today there’s a new pin and a new sports catalog. I’m sorry this is so late. I forgot that it came out today. Well, Let’s start off with the pin.

The pin’s at the stage, It’s a dodge ball.

Now here’s the club penguin cheats for the sports catalog.

The first item in the catalog is orange football helmet. To get it you must click on the red cheerleaders hand.

The last club penguin cheat in the catalog is the silver surfboard, To get the surfboard you have to click on the flame surfboard then click on the shell, And then click on the starfish.

Now, The last thing today we have is the new igloo. The new igloo is a boat, It’s kind of cool!

Club penguin also returned the gym igloo, I really like the gym igloo. So I’m glad they returned it!

There’s also some club penguin cheats in the catalog. It’s the secret stone igloo. Here’s how to get it. First you need to click on the crowbar.

Then It will come up for you to buy it.

The last igloo cheat is the secret deluxe stone igloo, To get it you must click on the deluxe snow igloo door.

That’s all guys. I’m sorry this was so late. Well, That’s all for now guys. Waddle on.

– cheat gnome



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  1. How do you guys like the pin and catalog?

  2. Thanks cheat.. i was sleeping, i slept in because we had rain,thunder, and lighting it kept me up all night! But the lightning was pretty cool!

  3. Oh, Alright I like lightning! lol

  4. when i was on holiday (sleeping in a hunge, massive caravan) I don’t useally, i live in a house lol there was a storm, the rain was sooooooooooo load on the caravan roof and the thunder and lightning scared my sister loads! lol

  5. very site!plz check out mine!

  6. hey guys! it’s marine! I’m going to have cheatgnome add me as the admin on my site on the wordpress name! So now people will notice me!

  7. im bored

  8. Alright. Balluup make a new wordpress account called “balluup” And then tell me the email you signed up with.

  9. i already did.. but i didnt make a site with it.. i think i was suppose to, opps..

  10. and i need the ulead code please!

  11. You don’t need a site, Just get me the email, I’ll get you a code soon.

  12. Marine can i PLZZZZ PLZ PLZ PLZ have a membership?!? Ill be ur best friend! Ill erm give u a penny! A cookie? Cheeese?!??! hmm….. PIE?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!

  13. I have the money my parents just wont let me!

  14. y am i banned on ur site!!!!!!!!!

  15. i forgot the email.. lol! oh nvm ill email u soon! ttyl!

  16. and vic, i never banned u from my site. I dont even know how?!

  17. and quazar i got the membership right now, sorry about the long wait.

  18. oops

    i meant

    y am i banned on ur chat

  19. idk maybe a mod banned you for reasons.

    member penguin (rare)
    non member rare penguin
    adminisrtrator forever atr my site
    advertised on 5 week posts
    top blogroll for 2 months
    if u say yes comment back
    and if u said yes email me at
    Also il be ur BFF

  21. chido his bff job is takin by me! lol!!

  22. Lol!!! yea it is

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