My Famous Last Words…

August 12, 2008 at 5:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 36 Comments
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My First Penguin was issue54cena, first item was the bunny slippers and the red and blue face paint! 1 Month later it got banned forever. Then i created marine kallo, later on i had fun.. then i started a wordpress, but i deleted it. Two months later, cmpunk hacked my penguin and banned it forever. Then i quit cp.. for about 6 or 4 months. Then i came back to blogging.. and i created balluup and marinekallo2.. later on marinekallo2 got hacked and i only had balluup, and i hated cp. They wouldnt create new items.. the new items the created were gay and stupid! [Like that gay & stupid elvis item.When i was blogging on my blog,i met a friend named cheatgnome he turned out to be the best friend i had blogging with, but sadly he quit.. he did alot for me, he paid for membership for balluup, he helped this site so mmuch with css,post,comments,and much more! It was fun at first but 6 weeks later i got so bored, all ya did is post stupid clubpenguin cheats!! Over and Over..And I’m Way to mature for this little gay game! Everyone cares about how rare they are! Its retarted. And im on the computer 24/7, i dont wanna be a nerd stayying on the computer til you die! I youst to be really active.. but i became a slut on the computer.. i cant believe i quit basketball but now im not! im going back ill need all the time that i have to train.. my future is to be a probasketball player… So guys.. im done here. Im quitting youtube,clubpenguin,blogging, and everything but aim. my aim is Marine Da King im going to get msn soon cause aim is goign to charge a fee to everyone that uses it..So im done. Also, i have family issues in my real life.. that im about to releual now. Issue 1: my sister smokes ot at age 16. Issue 2: shes’ gone to juvy. Issue 3: she has anger issues. Issue 4:My parents fight alot and cuss alot, and they once were seperated for 5months Issue 5: My sister drinks alot and smokes and it freakin smells like throw up in my house. Issue 6: My brother and my sister steel so much from me.. my sister stole my dads sparkletts jar, FULL of change that he has been saving up all through his life but my sister used all that change for drugs and ciggerettes! And she has stole my psp,airsoft gun,ipod nano,camera, she stole my brothers ipod,sunglasses. and he has stole my moms cloths and sunglasses and alot of crap. Issue 7: I Love one person thats 21 that lives in houston texas. Issue 8: my parents lie to me Issue 9: my sister broke my door.. Issue 10: my sister looks up porn so my sister took away the labtop and put it in her room cause he has a lock on her door and i have to wear a key to get into her door to go on the labtop. Well im think im done with that.. i forgot alot though but im sure my best freind in real life named crazy chip will know cause i know him in real life and i have told him everything that happened.. now its time to say sorry.. sorry that im quitting, im really sorry to cheat about treating him wrong. Now its time to say thank you… thank you for visiting my blog.. Crazy chip and cheatgnome trained me how to blog and do pics and cpmvs and alot more.. with out them this blog would be crap. But august 11 2008 [today] is the day i quit.. please remember me as a basketball pro then when i retire im going to be a marine, cause i garentee you that i will be in the pros and be a marine, last thing that i relieve about me is, my name is ryan lipsett.. bye guys..

-Balluup aka pro basketball player-Lipsett..

cheatgnome’s comment:Well, Dude, Today I felt kind of dumb that I quit. SO I wanted to come back to hang out with you and stuff. 1 hour after I came back you quit, I just want you to know that I’m sorry if you quit because of me. And I wanted to tell you that, You were my best friend in club penguin and blogging. We made videos, We played cp, An blogged together, And tons more! We were actually more then friend’s. You could actually say we were like brothers. Everyday We would hang out on chat, aim, cp, And we would help each other blog. I just want to thank you so much for making me have the best few months of my life. I really wish you didn’t quit 😦 But I guess If you want to be a pro basketball player, Then I guess I’m happy with that, It’s you’re life so make the best of it. If you ever do come back then, I wanted to know if you wanted to share my blog like snow dobby and bullet did. We could have so much fun, If you don’t want to then it’s ok, Well when you’re famous I’ll come to one of you’re games.

Well, Good-bye.

-You’re friend for ever!


Sorry cheat :(. its over..




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  1. omg ur quitting?

  2. balluup, I hope u c this comment, ur blog is amazing, I visit it just as much as my own, everyday I got on ur blog at least twice and I always luv it! You had/ have a brilliant totally wonderful blog, and I will remeber it, after seeing ur blog I decided 2 get my own, you’ve helped me a lot with cp, DO NEVER FORGET THIS COMMENT BECAUSE I’M TRUTHFUL, I LIKE UR BLOG MORE THAN ANY BLOG EVER (MORE THAN MINE)AND U NO THAT I WAS DESPERATE TO MEET U IN CP, SO ALL I REALLY HAVE TO SAY IS BYE!
    ~~~~~funcoolcp/ ruby ele1997

  3. 😦 i read all of that!!!!!
    i feel so sorry for you!
    you have a tough life!!
    im very sorry for you!!
    dude i don’t want you to quit!

    I like basketball too
    i hope you do become a pro basketball player so you could have some good things in your life 🙂

    well im not real sure why u banned me on ur chat for no reason 😦 but anyways, i am sorry for you that you have to go through that in your life!!!!

  4. Trust Me I Will Be In The Pros For Anything.

  5. will i still get those prizes on the post below

  6. ?????????

  7. could you still come 2 my 7,000 hits party??

  8. sorry but im not going on cp anymore.

  9. awwwwww
    what about hypercam2 thing though

  10. yah sure ill get u it

  11. ok leave a comment on my site and i will delete it right away

    there is no 1 on my site now

  12. i gtg bye

  13. :crys:

  14. 😥

  15. im not gonna be a pro at anything becuz im planning on comitting suicide at 15.

  16. im gona miss u marine.
    u were a good friend

  17. any1 there

  18. i remember the first time we met….
    we both were commenting on crazys new website (not the MMK one) and then we kinda became commenting buddys 🙂 lol then u made a new website and me and crazy were helping u with it and then ur site got better and better and better! but the sad part was I WAS AN ADAM 6 TIMES BUT U TOOKE ME OFF FOR NO FLIPPIN REASON! lol. and then we met on cp i remember it was during the medival party at the dock on the server frozen that was the beggining of a wonderful friendship 😀 . Soon you made ur very own XAT Chat Room. Me u and cheat were on it all the time chatting 🙂 now ur quitting I will remember u bud and when u turn into a basketball pro and if i dont commit suicide to myself when i grow up i will come watch u play at a basketball game i swear.
    And remember when we might have met in real life when we didnt even like the internet yet?
    plz remember me plz.

  19. yes fun im there

  20. Palkia that was touching, i will always remember you, and dont commit suicide, alot of people have a life like you and me.. trust me good things will happen to you when ur older so dont kill yourself..

  21. and i will be on aim only like 2 hours every week.

  22. Can i have ur site plz dude?

  23. Maybe..

  24. DUDE!! I JUST JOINED BACK ON CP FOR YOU I JOINED AN HOUR AGO, And now you quit 😦 Well, I’ll have to quit again 😦

  25. I just joined back for you, And now you quit 1 hour later, 😦 I’ll just commit suicide.

  26. Please come back dude!! please!! If you don’t want you’re blog then me and you could share mine, Like snow and bullet did. I’m sorry dude, Please come back!

  27. I hated blogging to, The only thing that made me keep going was you, You were my best friend, We had fun and tons of things!! please come back!!

  28. What do you want to come back? I’ll give you anything!!! please come back dude!!!

  29. If you don’t want to then It’s up to you.
    I’ll watch you’re basketball game sometime. Well, dude I guess this is the end, I really cant blog with out you. we had awesome times! on you’re chat, Aim, club penguin, making videos and other things. I’ll never forget you.
    Waddle on, You’re number one fan! you’re best friend.

  30. thanks for the great memories marine

  31. thank you too..

  32. Hi again. Do you remember me? Its Drkshadow17 from I remeber this site when it was new, and now just look at those hits! I already read the post before this, so i know your staying (YAY!) could you visit my new blog? Its . It doesnt have a lot of hits, but I have a few devoted fans that really make me smile. 🙂

  33. hey marine ill never forget u and like cheat said, one day ill be in the crowd watching u play basketball
    I Hope so.

  34. […] public links >> lipsett My Famous Last Words… Saved by Liliachan2 on Tue 28-10-2008 Anthea Lipsett and Jessica Links Monday July. Saved by […]

  35. i couldnt be bothered reading that. its not sad, its boring. just like cp.

  36. Well i will only be a kid because im planning to kill myself at 9.

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