I guess im staying..

August 12, 2008 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 31 Comments

Hi guys it’s Marine.. I know that you might hate me now since I told u a touching post that I’m quitting but, I cant quit.. I’m doing this for my best friend and he will always be my friend.. he said , he wanted me to stay, he said, ” Please stay marine your my only friend, other people just use me for fame.. and he would be sad if he wouldn’t blog with out me.” and that person is cheat gnome, my best friend and forever, I’m not going to let him down. Hes done so much for me and I haven’t really done a lot for him so I’m not quitting for him.. I’m sorry for those people who got you sad..


Hey It’s cheatgnome, Here’s a post that ballup forgot to post.

Well, The game treasure hunt hasn’t been working. Club penguin has been working really hard on fixing it, And today they fixed it. Here’s what it looks like.

There’s also A post from billy, I didn’t post it so it’s a little old in information.

Hello Penguins!

Did you go on the scavenger hunt yet? I know a lot of penguins have been having fun finding the lost plans for the ship igloo! If you haven’t done it yet, you can get started by clicking the picture of the paper boat at the top right of your screen. You’ll find clues to help get you started. The scavenger hunt will be going on for a week.



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  1. awesome site!

    Comment Back!

  2. Balluup, I downloaded some new video effects! So, I’m going to make a club penguin music video tomorrow. Also, I changed my avatar.

  3. Nice icon man!! its awesome! also go on aim

  4. And… can you get me a code for ulead i hate s*** v*****.

  5. laughs quietly kinda reminds me of brett farve well im glad ur stayin see :mrgreen: And teddy is glad cheat is staying :mrgreen: So were all happy now, but Mr cheese aint so thrilled! CUZ MR CHEESE THINKS THAT U EAT CHEESE!!!

  6. Balluup, I won’t be on until like 2:00 pm, Because I got a physical at the docter’s. 😦

  7. Ouch..

  8. marine i found like the best cheat ever go to my site.

  9. Chewy found out that glitch i think and you can get banned for 72 hours or banned forever.

  10. this is white, and marine, i’m very glad your not quitting. but did cheatgnome quit. i hope both of you won’t quit. you guys are both cool and have awesome blogs. and to point out, mix is a b*tch. i didn’t say that(or did i) but please don’t attempt to quit guys.

  11. oops i meant to say this is black in the other comment, well this is black again. i might be better than u in basketball but u could also be better than me. but are u better than this kid. i know i’m not

  12. wow hes pretty good… hes way better then me at drills but not at a basketball game or running..

  13. or 1 on 1

  14. Hey dude, Sorry I didn’t come on today. After my physical was done I had football, Then I started working on my music video. Later, I finished some stuff on my game, And now I’m tired.

  15. oh, cool.. how did ur phyiscal go?

  16. It went good.

  17. Sweet cheat, what kind of game are you making?

  18. Cheat i accidently erased it! sorry!!!

  19. Great site, great CSS, keep it up! 😉

    ~Mr Fun 5~

  20. Thanks!

  21. Marine today is the day for the prize 😀 and me to get register for hypercam 2 😀 yay me!

  22. ok ill comment you the hypercam2 code in 10 min on your site. I just have to do one thing.

  23. Ok i commented on your site.

  24. im glad ur back 😀
    Balluup: I’m glad too, i hope you come back one day..

  25. Thanks marine, it work’s 😀

    Balluup’s comment: No Problem!

  26. im glad ur staying

  27. sorry but im already made up my mind and unfortunatlly im not coming back

  28. Oh..

  29. sigh im really sorry

  30. its ok..

  31. Sorry Marine, I don’t have a activitation code but I could ask someone in a group I just joined, he know’s code for power director 7 deluxe, I’ll ask.
    But he he kinda only asked me cause I’m in the group but I’ll try to get him to say yes.

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