New Stage, Scavagater Hunt, and Rockhopper’s returnal!

August 8, 2008 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

 Hey guys! Rockhopper returned!!! and he brought a free item that are brown shoes! Kinda cool, Huh? Also i will be looking for rockhopper and see what he is giving out if you see him! hope you find him! i usally find him on frozen soo theres a tip!




 Heres the stage.. its alright, it wasnt as what i was exspecting. But Its Alright!


 Also if you’re in the stage and you throw a snowball, it will turn into a dodgeball! Aint that neat!


 Ok here are the awnsers for the scavagator hunt! Ok go to the dock and go near that dock and you should see a paper machie, so just click it! [click the paper machie, always!]


 The Next One Is At The IceBurg At The Bottom-Right!


 Ok Theres another one at the cove next to the “cacthing waves” game!


 Ok, then, theres another one that is loacated at the puffle shop!


The following one is at the mine…


Ok the next one is kinda tricky, ok heres what you do, go to the cave and look at the glass where the water and crab is and the fishes… ok soo the paper machie will be floating in that glass area so as quich as you can try to click on it, then you will get it!


 The next one is loacated at the coffe shop!


 And the next one is at the beach… and thats the last one so after you’re done collecting all the paper machies’, go to the big paper machie on the top right of your screen and go to click “Build the Blue Print” after you’ve done that scroll down and it will tell you what to do!


 Ok follow this pic… like put the puzzles in exactly like my pic… then when you’re done a pop-up will come out, then click claim prize then you get a back ground that looks like this:

 ok thats all for now cya later!!!!




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  1. theres more cheats! visit my site to see them!

  2. LOL I’m in one of those pics. Also, there’s a secret in Rockhopper’s catalog. Click on the steering wheel.

  3. k thx guyss

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