Penguin Band Back on Stage + More

August 4, 2008 at 6:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

Well As You see the club penguin band is back! I Hope you got the background, I didn’t but i don’t really care… Also! Cheatgnome, Where are you!!! Well that’s all for now bye,




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  1. Hey balluup, I’m reporting ray, And also I was having a day off. Sorry i didn’t give you a head’s up. And I got some dirt on ray.

  2. Lol, What Did You Do To Him… I Was About To Sew Him!

  3. hey! i like your site! could you visit mine?


  4. I didn’t get the bg, I wish I did, but I couldn’t find them.
    Balluup: What Background???

  5. y ballup cool css it freakn rocks btw can u help me ill put in my sidebar crdit to ballup with help on the css and ur sit next to it

  6. Oh, I Wish I Learned How To Do Css, My Friend Cheatgnome disgned this css. So Maybe Ask Him..

  7. I know how to do HTML but not CSS. R they the same thing?

  8. atleast do u forgive me

  9. Yes I Do Forgive You, But I Dont Wanna Be Friends With You..

  10. And Hyperstar, its almost the same thing..

  11. Hey, if you need a header, order one from my website. Vavad can make good headers, and I would like to get my header shop going. Your fchoise though.

  12. Hey I cant do the penguin you ordered. Can you give me a picture of it? Thanks

  13. Hey balluup, On You’re chat today I left a message saying I was going to be back later, and palkia flooded the chat so you couldn’t see it! I got a pic of it two.

  14. ook… thanks… 😐

  15. i didnt mean to flood it :mrgreen: srry!
    and marine i still hack websites but only for a reason! and i dont hack cp i think thats wrong! and cp’s gona see those comments becuz im gona send them a screenshot

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