Contest Winner + New Page!

August 3, 2008 at 11:55 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Was Sup Guys!! I made a new page, and its called funny pictures! Please check it out! Otherwise The Contest winner is……..ninjaitachi! I Know you guys think he cheated! I think it was kinda cheating but if he did spreat comments he would probaly get 3,000 comments! so he won, please dont complain! Ok ninjaitachi comment your email below so i can email you satonato!

ok thats all for now cya




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  1. new party at dock at 5:00 cpst
    be there . tell people . see u there

    Balluup: Ok I Emailed You The Password & Penguin Name

  3. I could totally pwn that dude if i tried, but it aint the same unless im crushing heuwy

  4. I thought u already had a funny pics page…
    Balluup: Yes I Did, But Reember BulletWolf Hacked Me And Deleted All My Pages… So I Made a New Funny Pics Page!

  5. 15,000 hits congrats
    Balluup: Thanks!!!

  6. O right i remember…

  7. ph if I knew you could do that i would like 6000. 😦 I really want a penguin thats better than mine.

  8. Hmm, Well Vavad, If You Would Use Satonato Nobody would think your vavad, and also it doesnt really matter if your penguin is rare or not..

  9. True, I just wanted to use it for videos.

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