New NewsPaper Issue #146

August 1, 2008 at 3:08 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 20 Comments

 Ok guys! Theres a new newspaper out,PS: THERES A COMMENTING CONTEST BELOW THIS POST! Ok so cp fixied Deep sea! So Cream soda Spilled in the water in this game[aqua grabber] and cp needs help so on august 5th you can help then get that cream soda out! So You better start practicing aqua grabber!

Encore!! woot! They are going to play again! isnt that going to be cool! and they might hand out a free item

 Ok So They Are Going To Play again!

Heres the week schuedule!


 OMG!!! WOOOT! they might bring back the red and blue paint. Yes, ive been dieing to get that item! So Its going to be a cherliding stage!

 And Here are the events! And dont forget the new clothing catalog tomorrow!

Thats all for now cya!




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  1. Wow nice post!

  2. I’m on your chat right now.

  3. Ok, Thanks for the Compliment!

  4. Yah, cause you were advertising and shut up about the blogroll!! THIS IS MY BLOG!!!!

  5. dude’s everyone stop bugging balluup. He works really hard. It’s his blog he can do what you want. If he doesn’t want to add you to his blogroll then that’s up to him. He can do what he wants when he wants because it’s his blog.And if you want to advertise do it on your own blog.
    Thanks cheatgnome..

  6. Hey balluup, Are you alive? I haven’t seen you all day. You ok?
    Balluup: Well i just took the day off i guess. When i saw funcoolcp’s comment, i felt like i needed to take a break from the computer today! But tomorrow im back in blogging!!

  7. guess wat i got 312 hits!!!!!!!! 6,000 hits party!!!!!

  8. cheat do u no marine in real life??/

    cheatgnome’s comment: Lol, no I don’t know him in real life. We are just really good friend’s on club penguin, and blogging.

  9. Balluup, Are you alive? did you get hacked or what?
    Balluup: i took a break today, but ill be back tonight.. which is right now lol.

  10. I Edited The Your guys comments and responded..

  11. ok cool

  12. I’m on you’re chat right now.

  13. you skipped work!! You work skipper!! lol, jk

  14. Well, I gtg I can’t post until later tomorrow, After tomorrow I will be able to post way earlier.

  15. 😦

  16. :CRY:

  17. im going

  18. Well, Balluup, It’s morning. I still haven’t seen you.

  19. Well anyway, I approved everyone’s comment’s

  20. its morning where u live, its 4:00 pm where i live!

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