New Clothing Catalog Cheats And New Pin Hidden!

August 1, 2008 at 6:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 28 Comments

 If You Click That Elvis Wig You Can Get The Red Viking Helment! [you can get the blue by closing it 3 times!]

 Ok If You Click The Bottom Of The Shoe You Can Get Mixed Braclets! [New Item]

 Ok If You Click On The Top Left Of The Purple Color On The Shield You Can Get The Woodsman Hat!

 And The Pin Is At The Dance Club! [ move your mouse over the puffle so you can see the pin]

So Thats All For Now cya!




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  1. Hey, Awesome post dude!

  2. Yeah, but you forgot something. And that made me forget it in my new Youtube video. Thanks.

  3. Thanks!

  4. yo this is the best club penguin blo ever!!!!!!!!!!! i am coming here everyday from now on!! !

  5. Cool! Im Glad You Like My Blog!

  6. every1 likes ur blog but no one likes mine 😦

  7. i just got a stupid comment on my site say ‘congrats this is the worst blog ever!!! how did you make is so bad?’ i’m not lieing, just look on the post catalog secrets and rh coming

  8. what? And congrats balluup you are going to get 15,000 hits tomorrow!!! congrats!

  9. and i just got another comment about how rubbish my blog is, but i deleted them both

  10. bullup is getting 15,000 hits 2morrow and he started blogging on april the 18th 08 and i stared sometime in may and i have nealy 2000 hits

  11. yah he’s getting alot of hits! I started may 1st And Im getting 60,000 hits in 2 days!! I’m really happy!

  12. I started my blog a few days before balluup (but I didnt really do anything on it until about 2 weeks later…) and I have about 5000 hits.

  13. K why did it do the wink emote? Weird…

  14. Balluup, One minute ago I got 127 people online my blog!!!!!!!!!! That’s the most online I ever had!!!!

  15. 😦 that means your going to get 100,000 hitz sooner… 😦

  16. Dude I’m thinking of re considering that. I think i’ll stay tll 500,000 hits. and what did you want to talk to me about?

  17. Hey.

    Cool site & post.

    Can you add me to your Blogroll? I’ll add you back.


  18. i just got other stupid comments

  19. Ok, Dude I’m going to try and stay till 500,000 hits! Because I’m going to get 100,000 hits in like 5 days. Also I got 152 people online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 😦

  21. What’s wrong? And congrats you need like 30 hits till 15,000!

  22. Cause You Will Probaly Get 500,000 In Like 1 Month.

  23. Dude I’m not going to get 500 k for like a few years.

  24. hey thanks for removing me from your blog roll!

    to be continued….

  25. I Removed You Because You Got My Website name wrong, when i clicked my blogroll name on ur blog it was to a different blog..
    to be continued lol

  26. The most people ever on my site were 49 or 50 😦

  27. Yah Right Palkia..

  28. Hi,
    Cool Blog!!!

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