Cp Band Back On Stage

July 30, 2008 at 10:48 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

clothingsneakpeek.jpghi guys! The cp band is back on stage!!! give the credit to cheatgnome for this pic because ray toolbear hacked my penguin and banned it for 72 hours!! 😦 And sorry for those people who didnt get the background, i didnt either. And theres a new catalog sneek peek! What do you think it might be?
it could be checker van slip ons, lol. Well What Do You Think It Is!




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  1. that sucks u didn’t get the background
    i did but it isn’t SUPER SPECIAL!!
    Balluup: Yah i didnt really care if i got it.

  2. I wanted it but I didnt get it. 😦

    Btw, could u somehow change the link for ur site to make it balluup.wordpress.com? Just wondering. Sry about the ban. I thought the hacking was finished.

  3. Soon Im Going To Change It To Balluup.wordpress.com or ill spend 15 bucks to get a domain! Im Try to Change It.

  4. Hey!

    I saw your comment on Cheatgnome’s site!

    Wow that earthquake was really something! I hope everythings alright over there, there alright here.

    Marienkallo aka Balluup: Well im alright… Like When i First felt the earthquake i fell and hit my head but im alright now! Thanks for asking!

  5. Yah Im Fine, Thanks for asking

  6. dude im sorry about on jc’s chat. Rob banned you at the end of it by accident. He was trying to kick you.

  7. Its not ur fault, None made me mad. I just hate bribbles, cause when u get banned for no reason the u cant pm them on bribbles! i think xats are better. 🙂

  8. i’m from england, so we hardly ever get earth quakes 🙂 i never got 2 meet the penguin band 😦
    and btw nice new theme!

  9. Thanks!

  10. it can’t see the comments lol

  11. Yah, Cheatgnome Will Fix It!

  12. Ya theyre hard to see lol.

    Hey, I just made a new Youtube account called Hyperstar96, I found out how to get free registered Hypercam AND I made my first vid! Plz check it out!


  13. Ok

  14. marine your actually visiting my site!!!!!!!

  15. Lol that sound’s kind of funny!


  17. uhh cheatgnome in the css will we cocomment u cant see what ur commenting in the text bar!

  18. i don’t understand. Please go on your chat.

  19. checkl out the comments i left on the comment contest page plz

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