Video Contest!

July 26, 2008 at 6:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 33 Comments

Its Time To Make Our Productions And Get A New Member! This Is A video contest so you have to make the best video and the person who makes the best video will be in Tbb [ the bad boys, the productions that we made up] So Far The Members Are Me And Cheatgnome And We need 1 more member so we are having this contest! Ok soo here are the rules!

It has to be your video.

It can be a video that u already made!

It has to be a cpmv.

ok soo whoever makes the best video on we will make them a member of Tbb. If we think that none has a good enough video we will just find someone that has good videos! ok start making the cpmvs!

This contest ends in 3 days

If you win you get to be on both of are buddy list’s. And you will get to be in the tbb kick off party.



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  1. hey id like to enter one of the my vids. but im going on vacation tonight so i dont have time to. 😦

  2. oh yet again the productions i was in fell apart. just like tst, just like, ctb, just like iceland, and now cpv. good luck finding someone

  3. have u made a cpmv before cause u can enter that

  4. didnt i used to be an admin?
    Marinekallo2 aka balluup- yes u did, but u didnt post ANYTHING. sorry but i had to remove u and also you were only a admin for 2 months, cause u won it in the contest.

  5. i couldnt load them into yt or any of the posts. i am getting a kidstube account though.

  6. o

  7. I have a kidstube account. And you saw my two videos. But i don’t think those count. 😦 Well i’ll just give it a shot.

  8. If i get in, too bad my bro can’t get it either.

  9. o,.. sorry

  10. those will do! thanks for entering

  11. ~Lghik~

  12. nice video. Thanks for entering

  13. this vid was when i was on victorino

  14. when can i be u?

  15. huh? what do u mean, “when could i be you?”

  16. did u see my vid marine

  17. yes, its suppose to be a cpmv so yah

  18. i mean like when can i get you coins?

  19. yah sure u can do it now.

  20. idk how to add music from itunes

  21. oh and sure your welcome for entering!!! 🙂

  22. 🙂 lol, and quazar you can get music either from or from limewire. I perfer cause limewire messes up your computer.

  23. if you wanna win come to my site its easier

  24. Cool site!

  25. marine i got your comment. what did you need to tell me? and im on your chat right now.

  26. hey marine I was board for 10 min’s. So i made this picture for tbb production’s.
    please tell me how it looks.

  27. Check my vid out and cry.

  28. Nice Picture Cheat! Im Gonna Use It For The Videos And My YouTube Channel [if u want me to or if i can]

  29. yea sure go ahead. i may use it to,.

  30. dude sorry

    i said at the end before you banned me is it full but you never answered

  31. Cool idea with the Video Contest! Tell you what, encourage your friends to submit their video entry to and if we get a bunch of new members from you guys, I will make a permanent link to your blog on!

  32. Omg!! are u serious!! Ill do it!!!

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