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Hey this is marine now! Thanks cheat for posting the newspaper pics and telling them about it! Ok i want everyone to watch this video, [this is my video] This is he best video ever!! Please watch,comment,rate and subsribe. Thanks bye. -marinekallo2

Hey guys, Today I was waiting for the newspaper but I fell asleep. So this will be a little late. Well let’s get started.

Well first off I would like to show you A list of thing’s there will be at the Penguin band.

That shows you where stuff will be at. Now I will show you the upcoming event’s.

Here’s a written version.

>> August 1

New clothing catalog

New pin is hidden

>> August 8

New play at the stage.

Now I have a picture that shows you who is in the penguin band.

Well that’s all.



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  1. lol, Thanks cheat, i was al done making the pics and then u put them on lol thanks!

  2. lol, no problem and nice music video!! !

  3. Thanks! What song should i do next!?

  4. great marine you ditched me on spq’s chat 😦

  5. My computer froze

  6. thats an awesome vid! too many effects that u couldnt read it though.

  7. oh and marine i fill your blog roll requirements. youre on my blog roll now and i have 14,000 hits.

  8. o ok, Thanks though!

  9. ok ill add u

  10. hi I came cuz you went to my site and told me to XD
    ya hey dudes can you come to my site often I need ktis! XD and also I will be coming to my chatbox often its on the sifebar and its easy to see since its the only one awidget but /i put another widget so you would see it 🙂 come se it k! 😀

    smileys: 😐 😉 😀 😆 😈 👿 😦 🙂 😀 😥 😥 8)

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