New Page And Super duper awesome party that im throwing

July 23, 2008 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

ok im going to open a card shop page if u want more details about it, go to the page that says “Card Shop”.. anyways im throwing a party! heres the pic

 I want Everybody to be there, soo please come, ok thats all for now cya!



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  1. also i see your blog will be great very soon.

  2. DUDE NO!!!!!! DUDE!!!! DONT OMFG!!!!!

  3. GO TO CHAT!

  4. yea dude im quitting im sorry but thanks for a good time!

  5. marine when i said wait on your chat i was getting to somthing real important. anyway im staying for a full day and if i get comments saying people hate me then i quit. also i see you hate me now 😦

  6. I dont know what to say…

  7. well i was going to advirtese here but cheat why are you quitting?? please stay if u quit and i atleast have your site. sorry. 😦

  8. thesource thats not niceif u were going to advertise on my site.

  9. Nooooooo I cant come!! Im on my cruise and the internet costs 30 cents a minute!!! 😦

  10. Dude u took me off ur bologroll! 😡

  11. thats because u didnt reach the requierments and my blogroll was getting full and messy.

  12. ill come ok bye

  13. cool.

  14. are yya comeing its right now!

  15. marine im sorry about the penguin thing. I just needed a prize. and also the production contest i will start tomorrow. and i understand if your mad but i will make it up to you.

  16. im getting you a way rarer penguin. and it’s a member ill give you it and add you to my blogroll.

  17. :0 lol!! thats good for me! awesome!!! woot! thank you cheatgnome!

  18. wait production contest? i thought u quit? marine whyd u delete part of my comment? I thought we were in a production? Hows it not nice to advirtese? Im confused? why am i doing question mark so much?

  19. dude what if everyone advertised on your site and they advertising guy would steel all your fans. Would you Be Mad,Sad Or Happy? i Would be sad and mad, also i didnt delete part of your comment. Plus, cheatgnome just took the Day Off, and Me and Cheat quitting all of his other productions and we are starting one and we are going to have a video contest tomorrow and whoever has the best video gets to be in our productions. The Productions is called Tbb, stands for “The Bad Boys”
    -Marinekallo2 aka Balluup

  20. drat! I couldn’t come.

  21. i dont really care if someone advirteses it helps them improve and its good. i got like 5-6 new viewers at my site by doing it. plus didnt cheatgnome used to do it too… and cheatgnome hasnt even finished a viedo yet for our productions! im bringing iceland tv elsewhere…..

  22. well sorry, cheat and me are starting a productions, also, sooo many people care if people advertisies on there site they always delete the comment or dont approve it. Plus cheat didnt do it!

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