New cpmv!

July 20, 2008 at 1:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

if u dont comment about this made and dont appreciate my work!! i wont make another cpmv.. cause some person commented and said a bad thing about my video! i want u guys to enoy them. Thats why im making these! soo please write good comments, Thanks bye



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  1. nice cpmv keep it up!
    Cheatgnome and marine- Dont Try To Suck Up

  2. ok we dont need to be friends

  3. i dont mind sucking up because im gay.

  4. i dont like gay people, i mean actually gay people like you

  5. Ugh, I think I’m gonna hurl!

  6. By the way- nice vid, I can see you put a lot of effort into it!
    Now, I think I’m gonna hurl!


  7. Hey marine,
    I made a chatbox. If you’d like to visit it here’s the link:
    Please respect the rules as well as follow them.

    Thank you …

  8. I’m bored …
    I made a weird poem, for school
    it had to be a friend poem, here’s how it goes:
    I wish I was born under a lucky star,
    To find somebody as nice as you are,
    I will follow the rainbow until the end,
    If you promise forever to be my friend

    Still bored!!!!!!!!!!

  9. marien your css is messed up so ill changr the text color to white so you can see what you type.

  10. wordpress has gone mad, i can’t c any pics, the widgets are mad, my headers gone, css is messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. O, Thanks cheatgnome

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