New furniture catalog and new pin!

July 19, 2008 at 3:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Heres the cool music [ give credit to wweadam for this only pick ]

 I Swear to god [ sorry for saying that ] that these are my pics! ok click the piano and you can get the gutair stand!

This is my pic too! Ok, click this coffe shoop tree and u can get the cool vegtibale garden!

Click the Palm Tree, Then you can get the flower planter!

click the seaweed and u can get the clam!

 The new pin is at the cave!

Ok They are working hard on updating the feature! ok thats all cya!

-marinekallo2 aka balluup



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  1. nice marine!

  2. Thanks! I couldnt of done it without you for telling me the studio for pics! Thanks!

  3. no problem!

  4. cheat tv is uploading to youtube right now.

  5. wait.. o your finished with it dang wanna be in it! also can u add me as a admin remember for the productions [Tbb].

  6. yea ill add you as soon as i make my cheat tv post.

  7. Nice! Btw, it’s at the pool, not the Cave.

  8. its the cave.. cave/pool same thing

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