New cpmv

July 10, 2008 at 9:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 24 Comments

Hi this is my new cpmv enjoy.



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  2. lol….. also visit my channel!

  3. i mean

  4. im not in the vid again

    lets make 1 u and me marine cmon

    or at least when u have 1 TELL ME

  5. alright send me the song… email me it or just get me the link to it… did u gte it form limewire?? [bad day]

  6. no

    but lets do it now

  7. cmon tundra server

  8. okkk.. ill get the song later then

  9. dude this cheat at the bottom unlocks everything for rockband:

    At the title screen on the guitar or drums hit or press: Red, Yellow, Blue, Redx2, Bluex2, Red, Yellow, Blue

  10. oh and nice cpmv again! lol keep it up

  11. i have to admit but i had rockband for wii but is sold it ’cause i got the one with the drums and they SUCKED. they sounded like forks hitting pans that was a 60$ down the drain!

  12. lol… yep but its awesome that i can download my own songs on rockband and plat those

  13. Luv it! I saw it on ur u-tube page!

  14. cool! yay you’ve finally added me 2 ur blogroll 🙂 🙂 :Lol: 😉

    ruby ele1997


  15. thanx crystal.. lol np ruby

  16. thanks for adding me 2 ur blogroll
    u rock also umm did u finish the Bad Day Song without me since i had to go because it was dinner time for me !!

  17. no i didnt fisnish it i thought that would b un fair

  18. aww thx
    wanna finish it now
    i got lots of time

  19. and im on brumby so

  20. can we

  21. well sure yah we can do it until a limited time.. [ i have to go soon]

  22. ok go to server brumby

  23. i gtg sorry

  24. thats ok

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