Contest1 winner and contest2 winner

July 10, 2008 at 2:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Ok The Contest 1 winner is……….squack000!!! [ill send ur prize to u soon squack]

Contest2 winner is……………Hershey665 with his qoute “The longer you dream,the longer your penguin waddles” Ok hershey email me ur penguin password at and i will use ur penguin all my cpmvs!



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  1. dude this cheat at the bottom unlocks everything:

    At the title screen on the guitar or drums hit or press: Red, Yellow, Blue, Redx2, Bluex2, Red, Yellow, Blue

  2. hmph i liked my quote lol

  3. cool!! 😆 😉

  4. hey mmarinekallo, didnt you like have an army before on your old site

  5. no… but i had a army like since like the beging of my site to july 1… since bullet wolf hacked me he deleted all my pages and i decided to not remake that page.. but odnt worry we took care of bullet [ryan,cheatgnome and me!]

  6. hey marine the pass doesnt work

  7. o i will u get u 1 soon

  8. ok

  9. ok

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