I may quit 30% percent chance i am.

July 9, 2008 at 2:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

😦 the reason im quitting is because every1 is framing me, a hacker hacked victorinos site and they framed me, thecpteam got hacked and they fram me… im freakin sick of this I DONT KNOW HOW TO HACK!!!!!!!!! u guys dont even have proof that i did it, i didnt do it. Labydog ytf do u get mad at me, i havent been on ur dashboard or ur site in like months!! u cant just fram me when u dont have proof!! the hacker deleted all ur pages i dont freakin do that!! cuz i know wat it feels like! cuz i got hacked and he deleted all my pages u cant jut fram people when u dont have proof. soo im goign to get proof for u pussys [cpteam] and show u who really hacked u… then im going to think about quuiting or not….. ill tell u all tomorrow that if im not quiting or if i am..


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  1. Aaaaah! I can’t believe I missed this! Where the heck was I?
    I would’a said:

    No, Marine you can’t quit. Think about all your fans. Don’t you think they would be upset, including me! You have a really good site and nice hits. I have never felt what’s it’s like to be framed but I know it’s a terrible feeling. Don’t let that take over what you’re going to do. Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da .. Don’t quit!

    Well … You better not quit or I’ll chop your head off … No joke, I did it to my friend … Just kidding, but you BETTER watch your back! 😛


    ~HEUWy 😉
    cheatgnome: wow im scared, lol

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