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July 7, 2008 at 6:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 41 Comments

hiya penguins im bored soo i posted this… ok… this contest invovles 2 parts.. wat i mean is theres 2 questions for u Heres Contest number 1: THE WINNER IS SQUACK000 THE AWNSER WAS ALI!!! OK SQUACK I NEED UR EMAIL, I will email u the 2 passwords and names!!

Contest 1

[i gto this idea from simmer27] Ok on contest 1 im thinking of a beta… that has all Upercase letters [comment on this post the awnsers.] i will end this contest if some1 gets it right ok the next 1 also u can enter how ever many betas u want to enter! There will only be 1 winner for this contest the winner gets to know a rare penguin password and name and gets to play on it in cp [2 rare pengs].. [ whoever wins this 1 i need their email]


Contest 2

ok on this contest u have to make the best quote [ i forgot the other word for the meaning of this].. watΒ i mean is do u know subay when their quote is “Eat Fresh!” u have to make 1 of those on ur own. and u can only enter 2. There wll only be 1 winner and that winner gets to be in all my cpmvs and be a member of my productions that im making up on youtube! [ this involvles giving me ur password]

Enjoy the contest!!!

~marinekallo2 a.k.a balluup



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  1. i think i know the answer to the beta question, ill come answer it later to give everyone else a chance.

  2. “The Penguins Place to Be”

  3. for the quote

  4. ok!

  5. For Contest 1:


    That’s all of them!

  6. ok im thinking of the betas name….. is it FRED??

  7. hyper thats cheating u looked up a list of betas and and put them all in a list so u can win

  8. nope.. ill give u guyz a hint its not any1 of those u guys guest.. lol and hyper star can u do 1guess pere comment plz

  9. ‘Penguins Dream island’. thats meh qoute

  10. ALI?

  11. :o!! lol!

  12. Big Red?
    “The longer you dream,the longer your penguin waddles”

  13. is that it?!?!?!?

  14. ok

  15. is it AL?
    And when will the vid be uploaded?
    P.S. You won 3rd in my contest go to my site and clame your prize.

  16. OK i clamed my prize also im uploading it right now it takes 8 hours though… and there was already a winner, squack is the winner she guested ALI and that was correct!

  17. K I cheated. There’s a list of beta at


  18. o my god!!!!!!!!!! did i really win??

  19. ok my email is
    thank u sooooooo much!!!!!!!

  20. lol…..

  21. do u like my quote for cp

  22. ya πŸ˜‰

  23. yep im goign to anounce the winner for the contest 2 tomorrow or tonight

  24. squack i also emailed u the penguins check ur email!

  25. ok thanks!

  26. Ummmmm…..

    If the quote is about you it would be

    “marinekallo2 is for you!”

  27. I mean

    “marinekallo2 is the place for you!”

  28. oh wait I dont want to enter if it means giving you my pass

  29. I dont even trust my mom with my pass!

  30. r u sure cuz palkia and budgee12 trust me cuz they told me theres

  31. “Quazar68688’s blog, your daily dose of idiotcy in a Clubpenguin blog!”

  32. lol….

  33. ummm marine the penguin u sent me is banned forever…… 😦

  34. 😐 ?

  35. ohhh shoot!!!! sorry ok ill email u another 1

  36. ok i emailed u 1!! that 1 nobody uses and its my friends and he never uses it an he gave it to me now im giving it to u!

  37. wrong pass…..

  38. ok! I guess ill trust you with my pass!

  39. ok mine was “marinekallo2 is the place for you!”

  40. marine thats the wrong pass….

  41. oooo dangit…. im going to c if i can get a penguin soonn and ill get u the penguin

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