Im sorry.

July 6, 2008 at 7:48 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 76 Comments

im sorry guys.. i havent been posting in a day and awnsering ur questions is because i was hanging out with my friend… also please visit… im sorry to say this but im not going to tell u why to visit it.. its too risky…. GUYZ THIS IS A UPDATE THIS MY BE THE LAST TIME I POST OR COMMENT OR SAY BYE… EVER1 SAYS IM GOIGN TO GET HACKED I HOPE NOT!



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  1. bullet never hacked me. shut down your site now! i was hacked by someone who is a true master hacker. he has hios own program and he can easily take over your computer. his name is alexex

  2. Wait! Beefore you shut down your site go to your dashboard then manage then export and save all your files to your computer!

  3. WAT!?!?!

  4. marine no one will shut your site down, i got ryan on it.

  5. and if they try we can contact the police

  6. so just stay calm.


  8. ryan is working to protect your site on his laptop.

  9. wasnt my site protected before

  10. ya it was only against bullet.

  11. now he will do it for anyone, he will do it to mine to.

  12. ok thanx.. so my computer cant get hacked right?

  13. ya it cant get hacked.

  14. so just relax, if she tries her computer will crash.

  15. ok good i owe ryan big time!!

  16. soo we can actually sew this alexex guy

  17. ya, i probobley owe him like 9999999$ doller for his help.

  18. ya we can sew him.

  19. ok soo he cant hack us att all cuz every1 says hes a master hacker!

  20. they say hes is way better then bullet at hacking

  21. dude i know ryan he is like the best there is no one can hack past him, he will not hack you if he tries his computer will crash and we can take legal action twords him.

  22. lol ok good… And spike is told me he is going to hack me and he told every1 to delete their sites and they did!

  23. *spike told me that alexex is going to hack me and he told every1 to delete their sites

  24. dude, dont delete your site, there just trying to scare you.

  25. ok… but dude my friend rockinshockcp got a message FROM WINDOWS SAYING Adam would like to acces your computer…. can u protect his computer please!! can u tell ryan please he is 1 of my best friends!!

  26. ok, i will and dude does she have a site?

  27. rockin is a guy and yes he does have a site its called

  28. ok, i ment does the hacker have a site.

  29. idk ill ask spike

  30. marinekallo umm how come i cant go on my site and i cant leave posts can u plz put me back on my site dude

  31. cause ur the only author on my site

  32. btw im back:-)



  35. You’re in big heck as soon as wordpress find’s out, me and vic just reported you.

  36. wait me i did nothing!!! Vic why didnt u comment on my site that u got hacked!!!! i wouldve helped u!! i never knew u got hacked!!

  37. 😐
    we know that you’re the person who hacked the site because if it was Bwolf he would have un-ownered you too 😐



  40. then why are you still an owner on his site?
    explain that. 😐
    Me and vic trusted you, if we never made you an owner I bet that this would NOT be hacked.

  41. ok wait i think marine is right i just know that the only person that was AN ADMIN ON MY SITE WHEN I CAME BACK FROM VACATION WAS U if it wasnt u then who was it

  42. who?
    I was alaways an admin on you’re site but not marine but when marine came to join that’s when the site was getting screwed like vic’s pic’s it said error 404 all the time.
    The 2 people would be
    Marine or Bulletwolf wich probally never heard of vids site unless vid was advertising it ALOT

  43. Let’s go to

  44. it was bulletwolf because juiyasters or whatever his name is
    got hacked by Bulletwolf and then i advertised my site on his when he was hacking his so thats how he figured out my site so it was Buleetwolf

  45. hey dude cool site please visit

  46. u guyz someone hacked the site ok…. this is wat happened ive been looking on ur site when u were gone ok…. soo i stopped going to ur site cuz u werent posting!! and then i went on it like 1 week ago and there was a post that said new owner is marinekallo soo i deleted it i didnt knwo wat to do also i dont know how to hack i sweaer to god i didnt hack u i swear to god on the holy bible left and right on my whole life that i didnt hack u!!

  47. ok it was bullet wolf

  48. he hacked my site too u missed alot!

  49. OMG Marine didn’t do it!

  50. seriously why would i want ur site vic i have my own site! [no offense but mine is better]

  51. RUDE

  52. sorry but i said [no offense]

  53. Seriously how could u think it was marine, maybe someone (most likely bullet) whos hacked into marines account, and did took over other ppls sites and made it so that ppl would blame marine! To my understanding i think thats wut happened to my site!

  54. maybe

  55. hey quazar soo u wanna be in a vid right lol… im goign to need ur password cuz alot of times the words dont show tahts why soo can u email me them my email is

  56. marine common dont quit dont listen to spike he just wants to get more hitz

  57. Yeah. He said Club Penguin and WordPress were gay. And that was BEFORE the hacking started. Way before. 😡

  58. wait are u talking to me hyperstar.

  59. i HATE hackers! they mess up everything! u shouldn’t shut down the site…………. but the hackers r horrid!
    i hate hackers!
    pls vist my site

  60. im not shutting it down,..

  61. hey marine i do believe you but umm it has been exactly 2 weeks so when are we gonna do the vid with jiuyastlers

  62. i need his password and penguin name.

  63. I hope you dont get hacked!!

  64. i got hacked before… bullet hacked me before u missed alot

  65. hey marine i see you havent been hacked still.

  66. yep lol go on ur chat

  67. marine i want you to be an admin and i really never reported u and either did stran i do believe u and plz still be an admin plz cmon you are awesome and i need u!!
    R we still friends cause i think we are!! I dont wanna delete you from my site and i hope you dont wanna leave my site!! 😦

  68. First my name isnt mark. Second i dont wanna be a admin because u guyz are saying i hacked u which i didnt i was framed and u still dont belive me.

  69. hey i never said that marine the first comment i saw when i got back was from stran said SOME IS HACKING THIS SITE and then he told me u did it!! I dont think it was you or stran i do believe it was bulletwolf i thought u hacked me at first but not now Plz still be an admin I DO BELIEVE U

  70. also check out my new post

  71. u belive stran that i did hack u, Which i didnt hack u! u even said it for ur self go to strans site and look at the stran got banned for 3 days and look at the first comment!

  72. thats what i thought at first

  73. look some1 obuvisly hacked u.. it wasnt me and it wasnt bullet i dont think its this guy named alexex who is hacking every1.. but my friend protected my site so he cant hack it.. and MY NAME ISNT MARK ITS RYAN! OK

  74. A Cool Contest for 15 Credits at!!!

  75. Im quitting Club Penguin, WordPress, and Youtube because of all this hacking going on this may be final comment ever.
    I will decide by tonight its like a 94% chance im quitting though.

  76. o.. i wish u dont quit.

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