Sneek peek of new clothing catalog and new feature of cpservers

July 1, 2008 at 9:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

hey sup guys, well i was browsing the clubpenguin cummitity page and i saw a new post.A sneek peek of the new clothing catalog. heres a pic

Its probaly going to be a band theme because it has a note on the shirt of the pic and a gutair and once again cp is bringing back rare items! its sad.. ok if u havent notice i got a new poll and if u havent notice like 2 post below this post theres a commenting contest i hope u join. Ok thats all for now cya



  and cp was working on a new feature of the servers!lol i tried to get away with it.. i copied this from cheatgnome lol now hes telling me to give him credit lol im sneeky soo give cheatgnome credit!



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  1. i cant wait for it. Oh by the way, did u delete me cause ur not on my buddy list

  2. noo… i was ur buddy on marinekallo2 and it got banned ofrever soo now i use balluup

  3. cool post! and dude palkia wont stop so i am reporting him for cyber bullying and being a jerk! so i will get his site closed im sorry that he is your friend but i cant take it.

  4. hey has to learn his lessson i told him too stop… maybe he didnt c it i dont know and cheatgnome can u get me the css today please!

  5. ok im srry cheat just im really mad today because this morning i broke my leg and i just got back to the hostiptal IT HURTZ and im srry i was so mean its juts it feels like im dieing ive never broken a bone before.

  6. ok im sorry for taken it to the extreme.

  7. sad u broke ur leg thats sad.

  8. marine you took that pic from me can you give me credit?

  9. ok i will give u credit!

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