New newspaper!

June 27, 2008 at 2:56 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 18 Comments



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  1. Good Post!


  2. I saw your blogroll requirements your not gona take me off your blogroll like cheat did just because I dont have 8,000 hitz are you!!!?!??!? 😦 No palkia i wont but can u do a favor for me cheatgnome asked me to stop u from being kinda mean to him, can u stop please….. we are still friends but cheatgnome told me to tell u to stop sooo no hard feelings! 🙂

  3. dude palkia if you say one more word about me i swear i will report you.
    marine please tell him to stop, every word i here from him has somthing to do with me. Ok ill tell him to stop…. also cheatgnome can u please get me css [JUST CSS OR 15 CREDITS!], can u donate 15 credits to me because u kno the contest well jc says im still a cheater sooo screw him can u get me 15 wordpress credits for my prize i commented 734 comments and im one of ur best friends!

  4. MMOPUK NO ADVERTSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ADVERTISING OK!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!


  6. and cheatgnome i told palkia to stop and cheatgnome can u donate 15 credits for me please for the contest i won…… jc still wont even give me anything! even know i won…. please! i commented and i worked really hard! and i got u 734 hitz for commenting! please

  7. please stop cursing. It sends away your veiwers.

  8. well dude everyfan i know hates disney..

  9. ya i hate disney but still….

  10. I like Disney Channel, but not Disney (u know what I mean?)

    Also, check out my new contest! Its like urs Marine. I gave u credit.

    Delete this post if u think it’s advertising or something.

  11. its not advertising and thanks for giving me credit! hope ur contest turns out gr8t because im joining!

  12. marine dont mean to rush you but well i need a decision if u wanna be a summer replacement or not cause well im in a pickle now trying to get spikeike9 well just more than un banned and well this

  13. i guess i wont join sorry.

  14. oh well i better not swear. o well i guess i can go solo for the summer

  15. sorry….. 😦

  16. o well im going solo for summer and well the truth im happy im going solo. angel quit for summer so ya it fell to pieces

  17. hey spikeike im still on your site!

  18. 😦

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