Rockhopper is coming soon!1 And mission 8 released

June 24, 2008 at 11:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 71 Comments

MISSION 8 RELEASED!! If   u go on top of the beacon and go to see the telescope [ click it ] then u will see rockhoppers ship! I think rockhopper is coming soon probaly at the end of june! and i think the free item is going to be that really rare pirate hat! i hate cp though they keep on bringing rare stuff back…… AND CHEATGNOME I DELETED THE POST!! WHY DID U EVEN TREATEN ME ITS MY SITE!! U CANT DO A THING ABOUT THAT.. WHY DID U SAY ” FINE IM GOING TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION TO U” U ARE REALLY MEAN AND I DONT WANT TO ON MY SITE I DONT WANT TO COMMENTING AND IM NOT UR FRIEND ANYMORE. sorry guys i had to deal with something ok comment and take my poll below and yahhh cya.



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  1. dude i was kidding about the legal action this is what i said in my comment

    “fine then i am taking legal action, to walmart” i was kidding couldent you have teled from the walmart part and the lol?

  2. No because u sound serious and once u said thats blackmailing and i could sew u..

  3. and i wanna be around nice and cool people like palkia and crzy chp and spikeike9

  4. dude thats not blackmail, blackmail is when people threten to tell other people stuff unless they do it. and fine i dont want to be around you either.

  5. dude thats not blackmail, blackmail is when people threten to tell other people stuff unless they do it. and fine i dont want to be around you either.

  6. and one more thing how does that sound serious if i said lol after?

  7. well cya never.

  8. because u said i gtg ot wall mart… and im glad that u would leave me alone!

  9. oh and i am currently removing you from my buddy list.

  10. and one more thing u did blackmail me!

  11. and dude odnt go over jermatic

  12. how did i blackmail you?

  13. omg ok u remove me! wow ur taking it the wrong way!


  15. yahh so u did treaten me!

  16. dude im perfectly calm right now.

  17. and i didnt mean that i didnt want to be ur friend i just wanted u to stop treatening me even if u are kidding

  18. before

  19. and dude saying im going to take leggalaction with a lol sine is not threatining

  20. dont take it thw rong way!

  21. it just means i am kidding.

  22. still a lot of people think u are like me…. because i thought u were serious and i dont really know u in real life thats why

  23. dude would you stop saying “dont take it the rong way!”

  24. dude just dont treaten me again even if u are kidding

  25. omg its not threatening

  26. im saying just stop treanting me even if u are kidding PERIOD!

  27. this is what i said “fine then im taking legal action, to walmart,lol”


  29. Yah i thought u were leaving!

  30. dude i said “fine then im taking legal action, to walmart,lol” i said it with the walmart and the lol part.

  31. i thought u were leaving to wall mmart!

  32. dude i was kidding.

  33. that intire comment was just to be funny. i dident mean anything by it.

  34. just dont say that stuff i will think it in the wrong way!

  35. ok,.

  36. what ever,im going to walmart now. (lol)
    every comment that has the word “lol” from now on means im kidding ok?

  37. please dont!

  38. ok

  39. what do you mean? do you mean dont go to walmart? or do you mean dont do the lol sine thing?

  40. however why did u remove me from ur blogroll

  41. i mean ok i will think that ur kidding when u say lol

  42. the reason i remove you is becouse you dident have any requirements and my blogroll was getting full that day, but i will add you back and you dont need to add me to yours.

  43. y did u remove me from ur blogroll???

  44. i just said look at the above comment.

  45. well y didnt u tell me that u removed me so i can remove u… thats not really fair or honest.

  46. uhhhhhhh ok but r we still friends i didnt mean to say i dont want to be ur friend

  47. ya, we are still friends. i gtg, cya

  48. oh and dude mixturey has like 30 people on his site now.

  49. OH!!!!!! WOW!

  50. ya he realy gets me mad with those hits. but he has had his site for a few years. so he should be getting that by now.

  51. LOL A FEW YEARS IM SOOO BETTER THEN HIM THEN SAME WITH U LOL… hey dude can u tell me how to upload videos on youtube dude get this i tried to upload it sooo i let it upload for a day and it still didnt upload!!

  52. thanks

  53. dude i dident get that post from you sry, the post was from a worker spq.

  54. ok,lol, and to upload videos to youtube you…

  55. 1. log-in to your youtube account the upload buttton
    3.type in a title,tags, descripption,and other stuff
    4.brows for the movie
    5. wait untill it’s done uploading
    6.that’s it!

  56. and if it doesent upload. download a different browser, what browser are you currently using? (ex. ie.(internet explorer)

  57. Dude small world! I had cheat on my blogroll forever and he took me off his i hate him so much!

  58. uhh idk…. anyways do u wanna make a group like CM productions or MCproductions or if u wanna make the group with u and just me we can maybe name our group toxic or something…….. wanna we would do cpmvs and buddly list and other stuff and we would update our youtube channel and i kno how to do the recording stuff and studio effects but idk how to upload it on youtube sooo wanna do it

  59. brb guyz i got to post some thing

  60. ok back!!

  61. ok sup and palkia i removed you becouse you have none of the requirements none what so ever.

  62. oh and marine can you help me think of some people to come to my 25,000 hits party?
    so far i am inviting toronto, ice surviver, and everyone else who wants to go.

  63. I thought Toronto was banned forever. (sry I’m not logged in now)

  64. toronto is banned, i ment his other penguin. sry for not bring clear.

  65. lol theres wwe adam, gator360,watex,grasher,me!! lol

  66. I HATE CHEAT lol! Anyone wana do a CPMV Productions with me and Blahdy and become famous!!?!?!

  67. except cheat. hes a HORRIBLE friend.


  69. ok Marine we could start it in about wait let me call blahdy BRB.
    Ok he said in about a week or 2 weeeks. So get ready!

  70. palkia stop saying i’m a terrible friend.

  71. ok ill tell him too.

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