Mission 8 guide!!

June 24, 2008 at 2:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 24 Comments


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  1. Go to http://cpcheatsiteiscool.wordpress.com/
    It is so awesome their!!! They have Pixel Penguins, Cp music, lol page, about, and chat with a personalized mod page!!! So go to
    and comment there!!!!!

  2. axcool i marked u as spam! NO ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!! I MEAN! IT!!! OR ELSE I WILL REPORT U!!!

  3. hey nice guide! i used it when i did the mission!

  4. thanks squak i think i keep on commenting on ur site and it wont show up i think u have to aproove them!

  5. o it shows up dont worry

  6. oh ok good! because i just commented on ur site probaly 15 or 20 min ago.

  7. o ya i just saw it so dont worry

  8. hey wanna be an admin on my site? i could really use the help!

  9. o i g2g camp sigh bye!

  10. alright have fun cya.

  11. cool! i haven’t done the last mission yet!!!!!

  12. i’m desperate 4 u to add me 2 ur blogroll, but i hav’nt got enough hits, it’s so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hmmm u can be on my blogroll since

  14. u r a good friend

  15. but wats ur website

  16. i wish i had a many hits as u did…. i would do anything for them

  17. hhmm if i quit ill give my site to u maybe

  18. y would u quite? ur site is awesome! o ya and thanks!

  19. well im only 10 years old now and thats perfect age for this stuff and when i get to 13 ill be too old…. its a defenit maybe!

  20. im 11 and im doing this because its fun! lol

  21. Lol 11 is a good age too!

  22. lol

  23. like when im 13 i might quite but im not gonna promise anything

  24. lol yah

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