Party!!!!! IM NOT QUITING!! UPDATED The the party will be at the dock

June 22, 2008 at 8:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 59 Comments



I will be recording!!!!! adding people!!!!!!!…… i hope u of my fans come and everybody!! please come this is my 7,000 hitz party + my not quiting party so they are combined!! It says
What server: Frozen 3rd flag
What day: June 29 sunday
what time: 7:00 PST
Where at: THE DOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DOCK!!!!!!!!!……. we will move to different places
If i missed some very important directions please tell me!



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  1. cool! i might come but i may be planning for my 25,000 hits pary! i will try to come.

  2. you may want to move the pic over becouse you can only see half lol

  3. yay ur not quittin’

  4. thats why u hav to click to enlargen

  5. hey dude could u see it all when u click it

  6. ya i can see it oh and i am planning for my 25,000 hits party! i will have some famouse penguins at my 25,000 hits party!

  7. i added u 2 my blogroll marinekallo

  8. hey marine! i kno u didnt make that invation lol but im for sure gonna go! can u come to mine tonight!


  10. can i i be added to your blogg roll

  11. ok what did you want marine?

  12. dude i hav sooo much proof that jc is lieing

  13. ok cool!

  14. so what do you want to do to him?

  15. dude i asked tren56 if he had the beta and he said no u won…… i only commented a few times. Thats wat tren said!!

  16. hmm ok so what should we do?

  17. hey wanna chat on my chat about this?

  18. idk
    maybe u can have a contest and say we are giving away ur site and jc might comment and u wont give it to him…. [ u dont hav to do that its too risky!]

  19. well im banned from ur chat!

  20. ya that’s real risky lets chat on my chatroom.

  21. i unbanned you.

  22. and im banned from jcs because he knew that i was up to something that he was lieing

  23. ok i unbanned you so wana chat on mine?

  24. yah lets go

  25. ok im there

  26. hey dude i have a question. well nvm

  27. dude jc banned me from ur bribble again!

  28. Marine ill do another party invetation and ill record for you nahhhh i already made one and i hope u come maybe u can record and ill send you some music or i will record and get the music i was plannin on having the music and recording soo. If u want to u can

  29. Pm Pst or Am PST? Its PM PST hope u come!

  30. Oh, and what does that 3rd flag part mean?+ it means when u go on ur penguin and ur looking on the maps from the left go to the 3rd one.

  31. remember that bbeta contest? well jc gave the beta to someone else!! i think he gave it to krazykiddo

  32. he did!! hes even lieing even more he cussed at me that he didnt lie and that was a total lie!

  33. are you there yet?

  34. Cheatgnome jc band me from ur chat because i told him that i kno ur lieing then he said im not lieing then i said thats a lie then he said im not DAWM lieing and then he band me!! and wat were u guyz talking about yesterday on chat

  35. ok so he banned you, ill unbann you. and after you left he was just telling me that tons of people came on his chat and said i hate him and stuff. then he left.

  36. wait he hates me!

  37. so what is your point?


  39. wait why did he give it to crazykiddo?

  40. Wait u hate me?

  41. what i dont hate you what are you talking about?

  42. idk why he gave it to crazy kiddo?

  43. then who said i hate u did u say u hate jc

  44. if u go to crazy kiddos site.. it says he got a rare penguin from jc

  45. i gtg and bettween me and you i hired a person to take care of jc’s site.

  46. u see! jc is freakin lieing!

  47. lol who did u hire!

  48. i hired a hacker.

  49. wats his name and did u have to give him something to do this

  50. tren can u help me get my beta back?

  51. well his name is jordan33 and he owes me a favor from a while back so if he does this we are evan.

  52. i gtg and jordon will take care of him tonight at 9:43

  53. ok good! im going ot get crazy fat ass

  54. lol ok cya

  55. lol cya

  56. Hey! marinekallo you wanted to know how to make a poll right? Well go to !!! Its free too!
    ~bubi :mrgreen: ~

  57. Which penguin will you be useing? marine kallo2 cheat who?

  58. i missed it cause i had 2 soccer games. can u have another one lz.

  59. i missed my own party to lol

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