I wont quit

June 22, 2008 at 3:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 81 Comments

hello its marinekallo im not going to quit… ur comments were very touching. Meet me here today after noon i i will hav a annoucement!



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  1. hi marine

  2. are u there Yellowsun2 is me

  3. cool! your not quitting

  4. wat are we going to do about jc? did u remove him from ur admin list?

  5. where did you get that penguin?

  6. yes i remover him

  7. u need to remove him he might remove u or do something bad since u belive me noww!

  8. i removed him

  9. ive had that penguin

  10. so what should we do?

  11. ive had it for 730 days

  12. i think we should make everybody report him i had like 3 people already report him

  13. ok

  14. so he would get his site taken away but it might now work

  15. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. ya the contest was on my site so why would they close his if anything they would close mine.

  17. hmmm

  18. well jc was the 1 who posted the contest?

  19. ya but hmm

  20. i told tren if jc really gave him the beta.

  21. and/

  22. think of some thing else reporting is too much a chance of u getting ur blog taken away and i dont want that?

  23. oh dude guess what i was emailing watex and he said he might add me to his blogroll!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. omg ur reallly doing good if u get watexes blogroll y would get like 3,000 hitz a day….. i wish i could get in his blogroll

  25. hey!! if u can get me on watexes blogroll u dont hav to give me the prize for the contest,….. if u get me on watexes blogroll that would be my prize if u cant i understand but ill get a other prize then.

  26. i will try to get you on his blogroll i dont know if he will add you.

  27. i hope he adds me!!!

  28. that would be awsome for u if he adds u

  29. yep my hits would skyrocket!!

  30. i will brb i have to eat lunch.

  31. wat should we do to jc

  32. u hav to eat lunch already mann u live in new york right Oh yah thats right we hav different time zones in my time zone 9:15

  33. it is 12:00 here and i finished eating.

  34. well 12:22


  36. are u there!!!

  37. This causes for a celebration! YOUR SITE IS BACK ON!!!

    P.S- Is Fever’s email Icytime@gmail.com ??

    WOOOOOO!! You need to host a party!!

    ~Heuwy :mrgreen:
    http://www.heuwy.wordpress.com 😉

  38. idk fevers email….. im working on a party card it looks good soo far!

  39. ok im back oh dude can you go on my site and take a picture then comment with a link. please if you do ill add you back to my blogroll. please!

  40. i need to know how it look’s to other people viewing it.

  41. ok ill do it cheatgnome wait!! trren doesnt hav the beta jc is lieing!!

  42. C:\Documents and Settings\Lipsett\My Documents\My Pictures here u go!

  43. ok comment here with the pic and ya i will think of a plan with some of my friends tonight. and then we will make him pay!!!!
    lol i sound evil.

  44. Okay … Now I’m bored …

  45. dude that pic dont work lol

  46. Cheat, what’s Fever’s email address?

  47. if you cant figure it out then can you put the pic on your picture’s page just for a sec.

  48. ok ill post it on my site!

  49. why do you want his email?

  50. I’m hungry. It’s 2:09 PM here

  51. ok thanks marine!

  52. Make that 2:10 PM

  53. It’s personal

  54. marine tell me when it’s done. then ill add you.

  55. 2:11 PM

    Okay, I’ll stop telling what time it is

  56. marine is it done? and i will brb.

  57. Marine, are you really gonna have an announcement?

  58. Oh, did you see Camp Rock last night? It was awesome!

  59. yep……… cheatgnome its on my post….. its posted!

  60. cheatgnome can u put me on ur blogroll forever!

  61. 😦

  62. Why are you ignoring me?!?!? 😦

  63. ok thank’s so i need to fix my css. i will add you forever but one more thing can you add me to yours?

  64. ok i added you to mine.

  65. ok cheatgnome i iwll add u.. Huewy sorry i ignored u!

  66. was it all right if i deleted the post of ur website

  67. ya it’s fine but i need to figure out how to move up my sidebar?

  68. my sidebar is down further then it’s supposed to be.

  69. Wahoo!!!!!!! you didnt quit You ROCK!!!!!!!


    P.s. can u had me to your blogroll my site is http://cp27.wordpress.com i really need hits i have only 317 HITS : (

  70. marine i hope watex add’s me becouse my hits are droping real fast.


  72. marine i gtg so cya.

  73. Sorry people that i was ignoring u!!! lol27 u are on my blogroll……. cheatgnome and huewy sorry for ignoring u guyz! brb!!! im almost done!

  74. wait almost done what?

  75. dude i hate mixturey so much! he always advertises on my site then i advertise on his and he starts getting mad at me. i mean what the h*** and he coppied his css from someone else. and he gets tons of hits for that,

  76. marine i cant belive it!U really pulled it off!Ohm by the way,can i be on your site u know,as an admin.Please!I love your site its awsome please.I beg i can be your best adviser,i can even teach u how to drive!(just kidding,i’m tring to make u laugh.)PLEASE TIMES 1000.If a problem happens,like mohd getting hacked, or u almost quiting,i’ll guide u by a comment if u post something check that post every day until u find a guide comment and then make a comment your-self.

    O.K. bud fire089

  77. if your asking your-self what do i mean by posting a comment of the problemput u already read it so i can know because i will be checking for your comment too.

    O.K. bud fire089

  78. uhhhhhh i didnt gtur comment!

  79. ok fire wats ur email?

  80. Grrr!!! I’m so mad at you!!!!
    Just kidding. I’m so bored so I’m trying to find
    a way to entertain myself. Yeah, not working so

    http://www.heuwy.wordpress.com 😉
    ~Heuwy :mrgreen:

  81. lol

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