Newnewspaper + somestuff we need to talk about+new coloring page!

June 20, 2008 at 3:32 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Ok the reason why i wanna talk to you guys is because of some of your comments. Some of you are really good about this by meaning that u dont advertise spam or say mean stuff. A few people are advertising everysingle time they go on here and i delete them and SOME OF U ARE SAYING MEAN STUFF LIKE SAYING TO SOMEONE UR STUPID AND IM GETTING SOME MEAN COMMENTS AND IM DELETEING THEM DONT EVER SPAM SAY MEAN STUFF U GET A WARNING AND IF U DO IT AGAIN I MIGHT LET U HAV ANOTHER WARNING AND IF U DO IT AGAIN ILL ALWAYS DELETE YOUR COMMENTS AND TAKE AWAY THE PERSONS BLOG/WEBSITE! For the people who havnt spamed been mean and advertising u didnt really have to read that. ok i might let u hav 4 warnings if your y friend ok cya l8ter! -marinekallo2


 Click the image to print.



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  1. Wow cool u just posted this a second ago your site is Awesom!!!!!!!!!!


  2. And can i be on your blogroll i only have 250 hits 😦

  3. thanks for the complentment! that cheers me up! And i execpt anyone to be on my blogroll u can be on my blogroll.

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