Clubpenguin party ended and rockhopper and mission coming soon

June 19, 2008 at 7:33 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

 hey guyz finally the party ended im glad because where ever u went like to the dock it would automaticcly turn on that music which is really annoying! an the party was practicully the same as 1 first summer party and the second one! sooooo yahh join my contest below and vote on wat should our homeserver be!




    Theres going ot be a lot going around on this penguin these few weeks. The team is nearly finished with the new sercet agent mission and it will be released early next week. There will be more info early on! If u havent completed the last mission u better get it done soo u can play mission 8. Remember if ur over 30 days old and ur not a sercret agent click the m on the top right and fill out the questions! More great news! rockhopper is coming back very soon! He will arrive at the end of the month. Then on ~Waddle on~ -marinekallo            



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  1. actually the party wasn’t the same at all. it had rooms from other parties like the summer party from last party(not to be confused with last year’s water party) and the camp party. it was just so familiar.

  2. i remember the camp party i like the fire u kno which was in the furnitur catalog and there was new shoes and that backpac thing old times

  3. hey marine wanna be in my cpmv group?

  4. sorry im already in one

  5. o thts ok

  6. sorry

  7. also marinekallo do u make headers

  8. i mean not header posters like for hit parties

  9. yahh i do

  10. How do you make those thing’s?
    cause I was just looking at agentkong’s site and I saw header and I saw ur header there!
    I met u use paint wich suck’s!

  11. yah but better then nothing

  12. Ummm hello marinekallo. Could you add me to your blogroll now? I added you just to know. P.S. Your site is awesome! Could I work here? Ok i added u thank you for the complament are site rocks too!

  13. can u make it sat

    3,000 Hits Party
    Where: Duder28’s Iggy On Server Sleet
    When: 2:00 PST ( when cp clock says 2 )
    Why: 3,000 Hits Party

    Have like fire in the background
    and have thr letters be like glowing red but able to br read ( not blurry )

  14. alright ill make my best!

  15. ok thx
    also think you can do it today
    cause i am in the 3,000`s right now

  16. yah ill make it today!

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