Vote what should our home server should be!!

June 18, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

Should our home server be





Other server: [ comment wat server]\


Ok comment watever server u want frozen yeti or alpine or tell me another server and if other people pick that server and thats the highest of the votes that our home server! just vote thank you bye!




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  1. Brumby
    frozen is good but always crowded
    yeti and airlane no one famous goes on those servers
    Brumby is good cause it has famous penguins and isnt very crowded

  2. ok good choice

  3. Hey I’m going to help you with the contest. (The guy that had 162 comments and you had 700 something) Okay? I’m helpin’ ya!!!


  4. thank you!! but wat should we do though

  5. und i reported jc site u report jcs site too!

  6. i would say frozen becouse there is tons of people so you can find fans. (cool)
    if you have a party tons of people will come.
    and tons of famouse people go on frozen

  7. ok great choice

  8. frozen cuz i said so lol

  9. lol fun fun funny

  10. Big Foot cuz its empty

  11. OK COOL

  12. Frozen

  13. ok we hav 3 votes of frozen lol

  14. yeti, all the way. That what i used to go to all the time before Mammoth.

  15. lol cool

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